Scoring Her



The end of the Billionaire Bad Boy era, the series comes to a close.

From Kline and Benny to Wes and Winnie with Thatch and Cassie in between, spend time with the characters that have stolen the hearts of both each other and readers alike, and meet the men of the upcoming spinoff series Mavericks Tackle Love.

If you’d like to use this “disclaimer” instead of the blurb in an effort to mix things up, we encourage that as well:

Disclaimer: 9 out of 10 early readers claimed some combination of heart palpitations, sobbing, and incoherent muttering about it “not being the end” when coming to the final pages of Scoring Her. Use caution when reading.

*Some evidence suggests the Acknowledgements may lessen the side effects enough to breathe normally again.





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It’s with mixed emotions I write my last Bad Boy Billionaires review. Was I ready for it to end? No. Am I ready to see what is next for Max Monroe? Abso-f*cking-lutely. Max Monroe and this series, has renewed my love for the romantic comedy genre. It isn’t often that I find myself laughing out loud when reading, let alone sitting in public with tears rolling down my face. The banter created between Wes, Thatch and Kline is hysterically on point. Every. Time.

Max Monroe makes me feel like I’m right there with my favourite characters. Every emotion; high or low is undoubtedly authentic. With all characters paired up and seemingly happy, I was curious as to how Max Monroe would tie up the series – especially in a Novella. And keeping up with the high caliber of this series, Scoring Her really was the PERFECT ending.

Continuing to, and mastering the ability to write from six points of view, Scoring Her reminds us that this series is so much more than love and lust. Woven in effortlessly, Max Monroe highlight the beauty of friendship, loyalty and the different versions of love. Whilst there is a sadness that comes with knowing this is the end; the way each story line is delivered and packaged, is sure to make readers feel complete and satisfied.

Not only did Max Monroe execute a great series, but also they have brought to life unique, unforgettable and irreplaceable characters.

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