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Title: Rebel Heart

Series: Rebel #2

Author: J.C. Hannigan

Genre: Second Chance Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 3, 2016



In the four years since Elle Thompson’s first love broke her heart, she hasn’t been able to get over him and move on. Luckily, a tempting new romance begins to simmer—but then fate throws Elle and Braden back together again, and Elle is trapped between her past and her possible future.

Braden Miller regretted pushing Elle away from him the moment it happened. Blindsided by grief, he lost sight of what and who mattered and quickly hit rock bottom. Since then, he’s kept his head down and worked on becoming a man he can be proud of. But coming home to Parry Sound means seeing Elle again. As they’re constantly pushed in the same direction, Braden realizes that he has to make amends with more than just his family.

Elle’s yearning for both men in her life intensifies. Wavering between loyalty to one and memories of a long-ago flame with another, she struggles with her feelings. But fear of having her heart broken again keeps her from diving in either direction with both feet. Too bad it’s not only her heart on the line…



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Elle and Braden’s story is one that I knew I would love. From the passionate introduction to the very emotional impact they had on me in Rebel Soul; I knew without a doubt that this book would be J.C. Hannigan’s game changer. Bringing the same heartfelt camaraderie, that was established in book one and paired with a deeper level of heartache and redemption, J.C. Hannigan continues to effortlessly explore the complexity of relationships and the beauty of love.

Told in alternate points of views Hannigan allows readers to gain detailed insight to the thoughts, fears and hopes of Braden and Elle. Riddled with hurt and regret, Rebel Heart picks up four years after the end of Rebel Soul. With our favourite characters from Rebel Soul making an appearance, the presence of loyalty, happiness and excitement, makes the heaviness of Braden and Elle’s journeys a little easier to bear.

Braden has hit rock bottom and is finally coming out on top, whilst Elle is spiraling into a pit of despair and darkness. Regardless of where they’re at in their lives, their connection is undeniable; as they deal with their past, the battle between head and heart is strong. With Hannigan once again tackling subject matter that isn’t for the faint hearted, she shows off her ability to flawlessly capture the mood, the emotion and the importance of loving yourself, in order to accept the love of others

Elle and Braden’s is poignant and familiar. With the memorable story line and impressive characters, it goes beyond the pages. Rebel Heart is more than a romance novel. Rebel Heart is love and all its twisted beauty.




 #1 Rebel Soul

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J.C. Hannigan lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, their two sons and two dogs. She writes contemporary new adult romance and suspense. Her novels focus on relationships, mental health, social issues, and other life challenges.

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