Review: You Are Here


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Lucie Gideon wakes up in a hospital, alone. Her family is dead and her home is gone, but she can’t remember a thing. She soon discovers, however, she can glimpse the future, and everything she sees seems to revolve around a mysterious man she’s never met.

Greyson Ellicott hasn’t been a part of normal society in a decade. As a contract killer, he’s learned to deaden himself so he doesn’t have to think or feel for anything or anyone. His carefully buried memory cracks open and reminds him of what he left behind.

When Lucie and Greyson meet head-on, destinies collide. Grey doesn’t want to care about—let alone fall in love with—the crazy girl who has visions of him, but she’s in the crosshairs of a murderer and he may be the only one who can save her.



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Nothing beats the element of surprise, so, when you begin a book and consciously choose to stay away from the synopsis, the turn of every page and the end of every chapter impacts you that much more. You Are Here, does exactly this. With a unique story line and an extremely honest and convincing execution, SM Lumetta’s full length, debut novel will capture your attention from the very first page. With main characters that are passionate, determined and possess strength in the most exceptional way, the journey that brings Lucie and Grey together is a solid and authentic depiction of true love.

With sadness and horror surrounding both Lucie and Grey, their individual lives will have you engrossed and invested. Aware of their impending union, readers will be on the edge of their seats, anxiously anticipating the magical moment. You Are Here is both complex and simple. In a perfect juxtaposition, both Lucie and Gray represent the multifaceted concept of true love. Featuring plot twists that will shock you, sadden you and make you smile, Lumetta brings to life a beautifully emotive love story.

Having secondary characters that complete and enforce the importance of love and all it’s layers, increases the fulfillment of this story. Lumetta’s addition of Drew, Vivi, Charlotte and Nash, is the touch of warmth and lightheartedness that You Are Here and Lucie and Grey need. Choosing to push boundaries You Are Here is not for the closed minded. Encouraging readers to be flexible and receptive to the unknown, SM Lumetta’s debut novel is one of the many reasons I love and depend on authors, their words and their creativity to take me to places I have never been before.



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