Release Blitz: Provocative (Tempting #3)

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Provocative by Alex Lucian
Series: Tempting #3
Release Date: July 21st




Coming home to a quiet, dark house.
Meals by myself, because she was already done.
Excuses and apologies, they were never enough.
But even with that, when I touched her—when she arched under me and pulled me deeper— we couldn’t get back to where we needed to be. 
Where we used to be. 
It was all frustration.

Because even though she was no longer my student, the chemistry was always there.
Adele and I loved each other. 
We thought we were unshakeable.

But love isn’t always enough.

It wasn’t enough when I constantly disappointed her.
It wasn’t enough when loss cleaved us in two.
And when she left me, love was not enough.

She didn’t know yet that I’d never stop fighting for her.
But she would.

**Author’s note- Let’s be real clear that this is BOOK TWO of a duet, and you’re going to want to read Tempting before you read this one. Adele and Nathan started their story in that book, and you’ll get the same sex, fighting, and cursing that you did in the first. But if you want it to make sense, read Tempting first. If any of that offends you, please avoid them both.**


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Provocative, a sequel to Tempting, naturally starts off with ease and familiarity. Reminding readers of the fierce forces of nature that Nathan and Adele are, Provocative is an authentic depiction of the hardship and laboured reality of love. Alex Lucian’s writing continues to excel and exceed expectations. As he brings to life desperation, lust and pain, Provocative is a myriad of emotions that will set your soul on fire.

Adele and Nathan settle into the routine that is life, both focused on their futures, it seems that daily routine and responsibilities has eaten away at the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Caught up in school and work, Adele and Nathan are no longer on the same page. Filled with genuine concern, readers will be anticipating the worst for their favourite couple. And when life throws the biggest curveball, we see how hard it is to really let love conquer all.

Told in alternate points of view, Alex Lucian flawlessly captures the complex aspects of his characters’ relationship. Through their fights and their fears, Lucian excels at highlighting the strength of their love and the depth of their connection. As pain and passion is spread throughout every page, Adele and Nathan will make their marks on your heart; showcasing how Lucian successfully woo’s his readers with his writing style.

Committed to the whole Tempting Series, Provocative is a reminder of how memorable and enduring this series really is. Pairing scorching sex scenes with an onslaught of heartbreaking emotions; Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or the introduction of new and intriguing characters, Provocative, The Tempting Series and Alex Lucian are all undeniably an addiction that all book lovers must feed into.




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Alex Lucian is an author living on the eastern coast of the United States who appreciates being anonymous, for personal and professional reasons. Tempting is Alex’s first novel.

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