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Release Date: June 16th


I’m not a good man.

I’m not a bad man.

But I’ve made some bad mistakes, made the wrong choices.

Who hasn’t? But the consequences are tearing us apart.

I love two people.

I love them differently.

The world tells me I have to choose. Why? Why do I have to choose?

Loving hurts. Dancing heals.

Love makes you soar, makes you fly and sets you free—and then it lets you freefall until you’re smashed and bleeding on the ground. Ultimately, love is the worst thing that can happen to a human being.

Im my opinion.

I love two people.

I love them differently.

One is a man.

One is a woman.

And they are brother and sister.

**** A stand alone novel in the best-selling Rhythm Series. ****



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When I read Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick, I was hooked. Mesmerized by the adrenaline, moved by the heartache and so caught up in the rhythm, there was no doubt I was sold on everything this series has to offer. Meeting Luka in book one, the excitement that the next installment would be about him meant that I grabbed this book with both hands and devoured it in hours.

In a heartbreakingly moving depiction of the complexities of love, Jane Harvey-Berrick writes a story that transcends through time, cultures and expectations. Highlighting her brilliant writing and commitment to detail in this story, Luka is a journey of experience, understanding and learning. Not your typical love story, the focus is more on where and what Luka does and how achieving happiness isn’t always black and white.

Luka is in London and trying to find his way, with Slave, the show coming to an end, Luka seems to have an endless amount of time on his hands and nothing to fill it with. Unexpectedly meeting someone who is complex and problematic, the passionate chemistry throws all logic out the window. As the story progresses and readers witness a different side of Luka, the excitement and giddiness of his new relationship will have you at an all time high.

So, when past mistakes collide with the future, Luka’s journey changes and his story is one you never expected. Boiling over with emotions this story touches on pain, betrayal, forgiveness, friendship, family and love. With twists and turns you never see coming; Jane Harvey-Berrick reminds you that with her words, she holds your heart in her hands. Reacquainting with our favourites from the series, Luka is about love and all the ways and places that we can find it. Delightful and different, Luka is a wonderful addition to the series and gives more reasons, that any other installments will be excitedly read.



Jane is a writer of contemporary romance fiction, known for thoughtful stories, often touching on difficult subjects: disability (DANGEROUS TO KNOW & LOVE, SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM); mental illness (THE EDUCATION OF CAROLINE, SEMPER FI); life after prison (LIFERS); dyslexia (THE TRAVELING MAN, THE TRAVELING WOMAN).

She is also a campaigner for former military personnel to receive the support they need on leaving the services. She wrote the well-received play LATER, AFTER with former veteran Mike Speirs. ( ) 

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