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I love women. I’m not ashamed to admit that making a beautiful woman come is my main goal in life—one that I accomplish night after night. Women are as drawn to me as I am to them. I don’t get turned down. It’s not a brag, just a fact. At least it was a fact. Until I met Quinn—the one woman who didn’t fall for my easy charm. Now, I have to have her. She may not want to get close, may not want to admit that I turn her on and can give her a night that she’ll never forget, but she was mine the first moment I saw her. Eventually, I’ll have her beneath me, my hands in her hair, and my name on her lips. It’s what I do. I’m the Panty Whisperer.



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TOMMY IS SHAKING his head too much for comfort as I walk up to him at the bar top.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing, man. Didn’t say a damn thing, bro.”

“Megan tell Quinn?”

He stares at me like I’m an idiot. “Herbert, I just wanna shake the ever-loving shit out of you sometimes. Quinn knew the second she walked by you and you poked your little head, yes I mean both of them, up like a turtle coming out of his shell. Megan tell Quinn? Fucking Michelangelo over here. You didn’t learn shit from Splinter, did you? Fucking honorary Foot Clan member.”

“It wasn’t like that.”

His eyes are about to pop out of his head. “Just save it, bitch. You’re making my life oh so complicated. You’re lucky you’re a hot piece of man meat.”


“Don’t!” He bugs his eyes at me again.


“I said don’t.” He talks so damn fast I can’t get out a word and his puffed out cheeks are trying not to laugh. His eyes open wider.


“You are terrible at this game, Sir. I said don’t!” He’s on the verge of an aneurysm.

“Fine. You are such a persistent prick. You know that? What the fuck is new?”

He looks away. So smart to have such an obvious tell. He’s withholding information.

“What is it?”

“Nothing.” He won’t look at me, and now I have to know.

His voice gets all high pitched. He’s nervous. “You see the new Force Awakens trailer? If Abrams doesn’t bury that goddamned Binks clown I will murder him, Herbert. I will fuck his Facebook page with the fury of 1,000 angry porn dicks, by god!”

“Tell me what you’re going to tell me.” I inch closer to him.

He shakes his head. “Didn’t work. Did it? Changing the subject. You can’t be persuaded to the dark side?”

“Tell me. I know you want to. Join me, Thomas.”

He looks away.

“Thomas, look at me.” I’m the one bugging my eyes now.

He turns back to me and cackles. “Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me, Sir. I am enslaved by the pussy of one Megan, much like Leia tied to the likes of a forty-ton gila monster. I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”

I crouch down in his face. “So be it, Jedi. And now young Skywalker, you will die.”

“Fine, man goddamn!”

I grin huge.

He glares back at me. “Quinn’s leaving town. She’s going to speak at some bullshit conference for their company. And it could be permanent if she does well.” He gasps like he’s been holding his breath for hours.



For anyone who has read the first five volumes of The Panty Whisperer, you would know that as each volume came to an end, it was obvious that Sloane Howell was just giving readers a taste tester of what the Panty Whisperer had to offer. Starting out as short novella type stories, Finishing off the series with the Volume seven, Sloane Howell successfully turns the Panty Whisperer into a full-length novel.

The book is centred on the self-proclaimed “Panty Whisperer” Joel Hannover. He is a man with a mission, believing that he is God’s gift to women – it is his duty to bring women out of their shell. And by bring them out of their shell, he means bless them with the best sex they’ve ever had.

Filled with dirty talk, foreplay and an endless amount of exhibitionism, The Panty Whisperer is a colourful burst of energy. Unapologetic, it entertainingly indulges in all the fun that unattached sex can bring. Invested in Joel and his ways readers are introduced and become familiar with The Panty Whisperers game plan. So when a gorgeous and intriguing Quinn comes along and tilts Joel’s world on it’s axis, the shift in power makes the book impossible to put down.

With Quinn denying her feelings for Joel and Joel struggling to come to terms with feelings he’s never felt before, Sloane Howell shows off the growth of his writing skills, in the last volume of the whole series. Turning Joel from arrogant to reserved, this role reversal between Quinn and Joel gives the series an unexpected, but very much welcomed, amount of angst and depth. With a mix of hilarious one-liners, endless Star Wars references and a kick ass sidekick named Tommy, Sloane Howell successfully ticks all the boxes in his delivery of The Panty Whisperer.

A mixture of laughs, lust and love, The Panty Whisperer exceeds expectations. With another successful book to add to the Sloane Howell collection, you do not want to miss out on meeting Joel Hannover.

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Sloane Howell lives in the Midwest United States and writes dirty stories. When not reading or writing he enjoys hanging out with his family, watching sports, playing with the dogs, traveling, and engaging his readers on social media. You can almost always catch him on Twitter posting something goofy.

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