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I’m the best operator in the entire agency. The plum assignments—always mine. So when an American heiress goes missing, I’m the guy they call to get her back. Rescuing Collette Stanford is my mission. What I do to her after that is purely up to me, as long as she makes it back to the States in one piece. I’ll kill the bad guys, get the girl, and get a little taste of what the heiress has to offer. None of this is negotiable. I’m Cash Remington, and I never miss.



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“Collette.” I strip my shirt off and toss it onto the vanity as she walks in hesitantly, her head bowed and her eyes down. “Take the jacket off and get in the bath.”

Her shyness only taunts the beast inside me. I want her naked, showing me all her secrets and yielding to my every desire. My eyes are desperate to see all of her again, my hands over-eager to touch her soft skin. I turn the knob and stop the pour of steaming hot water.

“But you’re in here.” Her voice is so soft, like a rose petal, and color rises in her cheeks.

I strip my boxers off and walk to her. She looks up now, to avoid seeing my erection. I smile at her bashfulness as I slide my hands down the lapel of my jacket she’s still wearing. I undo the buttons as she stares at me, her eyes fearful, but also full of a heat that I want to stoke until she’s a raging fire. The jacket slides to the floor with a little push.

And now it’s just Collette and me. Nothing else between us. I tip her chin up and taste her lips for the first time. She’s tentative, unsure. I run my hand up her smooth back and tangle my fingers in her hair. Giving a slight tug, I pull her head back and slant my mouth over hers. That gets her hands on me, where I want them.

I run my tongue along the seam of her lips, daring her to open them for me. Her hands travel to my chest, my abs, and then to my back. Her breasts press into me, the tips hard and tantalizing. I need them in my mouth, but I want her surrender first. All of it. I want her to give me her virginity like a gift, something to treasure and keep, and I also need her submission. With the way she melts under my touch, I know I’ll have everything I want, and soon.



From the beginning Celia Aaron jumps straight into setting records straight.

Content Warning: This book stars an alpha male who never misses. It’s full of sex and violence. It’s an erotica adventure, not a romance, and is not “safe.” If you’re cool with these caveats, enjoy!

Keeping the above note in mind Celia Aaron successfully delivers Cash Remington. An alpha male, who is unapologetically arrogant, fuelled by sex and has blatant disregard for rules and expectations. But there is a method to his madness. On a mission, Cash Remington sucks you into his world, shows you whose boss and as in the first of his mini adventures, has you curious for more.

Visiting foreign countries, understanding different languages, enduring the dangers of air, land and sea, Cash Remington is set to find Collette, who has been kidnapped and save her. Using swagger, sex and secrets Cash Remington shows you why his tagline is “Cash Remington and I never miss.”

Cash Remington and the Missing Heiress invites readers into this world of “Secret Spy Missions” that Celia Aaron has created. Showing off her ability to spice things up with her writing, Aaron successfully demonstrates her creativity as an author and solidifies her ability to engage and maintain interest with readers, no matter what characters she writes and where their stories lead.

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Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

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