Release Blitz: Fall Back Skyward

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Title: Fall Back Skyward

Series: Fall Back #1

Author: Autumn Grey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 9, 2016

Fall Back Skyward Ebook Cover


Eleven years ago, I saved her. I loved her. I still do. But they took me away from her and locked me up. For two years, all I could think about was her. She consumed me. Took up every room in my head and gave me something to focus on, knowing I would see her soon.

Nine years ago, I watched her as she walked down the aisle and into the arms of a man that wasn’t me. My brother. I promised him that I’d leave town.

I did and never looked back.

Now, I’m staring at seven letters, each envelope stamped with one word in bold, red ink: URGENT.

I have no choice but to go back home. Seeing her will be the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do. But in order to reconcile with my past, I have to face my present. Even if the thought of seeing her, knowing that she is out of my reach, kills me.

I have no idea what awaits me, but I can only hope that the demons of my past will finally be buried and put to rest.




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When Autumn Grey announced the idea of Fall Back Skyward along with the cover and the blurb, to say I was intrigued is an understatement. As I devoured every snippet of information given about this book, the final revelation was nothing short of remarkable. In a devastatingly beautiful story about immeasurable pain, heartache, destruction and redemption, Autumn Grey imbeds her words into your heart as the emotions endlessly flow in your veins. Through Cole and Eleanor, Autumn Grey delicately brings to life a fragile love story, that will take hold of your heart and never let it go.

Eleanor (Nor) Blake is moving to a new town, with her two sisters and her parents, she hopes this move is the fresh start she and her family needs. Trying to escape her past; guarded and cautious, Nor is, unfortunately, the perfect picture of low self esteem, heartache and disappointment. Carrying both visible and invisible scars, Nor prepares herself for a life filled with disapproval struggle and loneliness.

Next-door is Cole Holloway. Sexy, broody, mysterious and deaf, Cole is keeping his focus on school and his future. Hurting from past experiences, Cole isn’t interested in any type of relationships and the heartache and disappointment that usually goes with it. So when these two meet, much to their surprise the outcome is very much different to what they could have ever dreamed of. And their instant, unexplainable and undeniable connection the beginning of the end for these tethered hearts and souls

Fall Back Skyward is written in dual perspectives and is split into parts. With the intention to take readers on this gut-wrenching journey with the characters, Autumn Grey’s successfully executes this emotionally charged love story. As Nor and Cole embark on their discovery of life, love and lust, the world seems to have other plans. Filled with secrets, prejudices and an unfathomable amount of betrayal, hate and hurt – Cole and Nor are separated and the circumstances are harrowing.

Enhanced with both despicable and loveable secondary characters, Autumn Grey ensures that this story is not short on emotions. Passion, chemistry, empathy, guilt, love, loss and grief, it’s all in there. Exploring all the circumstances intensely, Grey solidifies the love felt between Nor and Cole. Choosing to delve into the reasons that kept them apart, the disbelief and hurt strengthens their need and desire to be together.

 In a passionate declaration of what it means to be destined for one another, Autumn Grey has blessed readers with a heart-rending love story. Rising from the ashes, Nor and Cole highlight how to love someone beyond their flaws. Imperfectly perfect, Fall Back Skyward is dedicated to the highs and lows in life. Through broken promises and thwarted plans, Autumn Grey shows off the light at the end of the tunnel. Inspirational and moving Fall Back Skyward is a story you don’t want to miss.

“I Want nothing more than to fall back skyward with you. Every day. Every night. Ecery second of the day.”



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Autumn Grey is the author of the Havoc series. And just like her characters, she is quirky, sometimes funny and definitely flawed. She writes sexy contemporary romances full of drama, steamy kisses and happy ever afters.

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