Lucius Vinemont has spirited me away to a world of sugar cane and sun. There is nothing he cannot give me on his lavish Cuban plantation. Each gift seduces me, each touch seals my fate. There is no more talk of depraved competitions or his older brother – the one who’d stolen me, claimed me, and made me feel things I never should have. Even as Lucius works to make me forget Sinclair, my thoughts stray back to him, to the dark blue eyes that haunt my sweetest dreams and bitterest nightmares. Just like every dream, this one must end. Christmas will soon be here, and with it, the second trial of the Acquisition.

Full disclosure: This book is a dark romance with elements of slavery, violence, BDSM, and super-hot sex. It is the second book of a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. If you’re good with these caveats, enjoy.



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Late to The Acquisition Series, I had the luxury of not having to endure the cliff-hanger between book one and two for too long, so to anyone that waited I take my hat off to you and admire your patience. Diving straight into Magnate and desperate to know what Celia Aaron has planned for Sin Stella and Lucius, the anxiety, the sweaty palms and a racing heart invaded my whole reading experience. Non-stop action, conflict, drama and suspense prove Magnate will be as addictive, if not more, than Counsellor.

Picking up where book one left off we return to the new and enthralling love triangle between Stella, Lucius and Sin. As readers are now familiar with Celia Aaron’s exquisite depiction of the dark and depraved world hidden in the South. The rules and expectations of The Acquisition become a little bit clearer, allowing readers to develop empathy and understanding for the situation Stella and The Vinemont family find themselves in.

Continuing to ride the fine line between love and hate, Magnate truly captures the torture and desperation felt by Sin, Stella and their unprecedented circumstances of attraction. With both Stella and Sin reaching a deeper level of complexity, their true personalities make themselves known. Highlighting their strength, determination and tenacity; the plot thickens. It’s survival of the fittest and as they unveil layers of themselves to one another, readers intriguingly and unexpectedly witness Sin and Stella fall in love.

Exceling in her ability to shock, Celia Aaron revisits her twisted array of secondary characters. Whilst the Vinemont family is desperate to come out on top, the shadiness of the South is prominent, in full force and above all terrifyingly chilling. Flawlessly pairing romance and pain, with fear and courage, Celia Aaron’s writing continues to enthral and captivate. With each chapter better than the last, Magnate is raw, gritty and unapologetically ruthless. A seductive tale of power, pain and love Magnate prepares you for what is sure to be a tantalizing ending to The Acquisition Series.

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Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

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