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Title: Impact

Series: The Fight for Life Series #2

Author: K.A. Sterritt

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 8, 2016

Impact Ebook Cover


“Since the moment our lives collided, I knew you were it for me. The impact was a once in a lifetime event.” – Leo Ashlar.

Leo might still be an undefeated fight club champion, but his past has brought him to his knees. When the one person he had successfully avoided for five years is thrust back into his life, the broken pieces he’d tried to glue back together shatter in an instant.

Juliette Salinger has taken control of her life, but that doesn’t mean she’s in for a smooth ride. She can’t give up on her family and she’ll fight for Leo with everything she has.

With Juliette now caught in the middle, Leo will need to find a way to protect the woman he loves whilst trying to shield himself from any further damage.

Fight or flight? The impact of either option could be deadly. 



Impact is finally here. Picking up from exactly where Collision ended, K.A. Sterritt dives straight into the crux of the cliffhanger that left readers with wide eyes and open mouths. Slowly unraveling the big secret between Juliette and Leo, Impact is the heartfelt exploration of the fear of loss and fear of love. Filled with adrenaline, mystery and suspense, K.A. Sterritt writes of a love that is determined to shine amongst all the darkness.

With Juliette and Leo reuniting after some time apart, a visit to address Juliette and her mother’s issues is the catalyst for what follows. With a damning revelation hovering over their relationship, it seems a smooth transition back into the land of lovers isn’t on the cards. Dealing with unresolved issues of the past and unpredictable circumstances in their future Leo and Juliette struggle to find balance and normalcy.

As the story continues to unfold around and in the fighting ring, Leo and Juliette are metaphorically up against a worthy opponent. With family, insecurities and secrets set to destroy, readers will be worried that a separation is imminent. Determination and Persistence, rising above all, through Leo and Juliette K.A. Sterritt shows off the very essence of what fighting for life means.

Impact is a gripping and fulfilling conclusion to the Fight For Life Series. Where Collision basked in the connection between Leo and Juliette, Impact showed off the life altering effects of a bond so fierce, it becomes unbreakable. With twists and turns that you didn’t see coming, every page brings about a mixture, of shock, fear and relief. As Leo and Juliette show off their tenacious love story, Sterritt’s writing effortlessly captures your heart. Honest and authentic this series is everything you want in a love story.


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KA Sterritt

K.A. Sterrritt was born and raised in Australia. With a passion for reading from a very young age, writing was a natural progression. She lives in Sydney with her husband and three sons.

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