Beneath The Vine


Book: Beneath The Vine

Author: A.M. Johnson writing as Lillian Bryant

Genre: Erotica

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Selene Cavalier spent the majority of her time behind her cello. Her dull life was made up of dark notes, hard work and sheet music.

Bennett Monterosso did what he had to do to get his family’s winery up and running. He didn’t have time for his old ways. His quiet dominance had been silenced. His need was just waiting below the surface, until now.

Having her—it was all he could think about as he watched the young woman behind the cello.

Gage Calibri left his best friend, his home, and his tarnished past five years ago. He suppressed his darker tastes, his physical appetites, and his secrets until he no longer had a choice.

It only took one night for these three lives to collide and to be altered forever.

This wasn’t what they were expecting. This wasn’t who she was. Each moment they sank deeper, each minute they felt more, each second they took her further.

Unhinged… restrained… this obsession… this love… it was all consuming.



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* * *

A.M. Johnson, where have you been hiding Lillian Bryant?

Phenomenal. Magnificent. Exquisite

Do you think I can get away with only using single adjectives to explain how in love I am with this book? It’s been an hour and my heart is still racing, there are goose bumps all over my body and my heart is not ready to let go. The adrenaline, the seduction and the flawless execution of this uniquely intimate story has singlehandedly left me in awe and admiration for the gifted Lillian Bryant

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a love triangle – this is SO. MUCH. MORE. This story of love, lust, submission and domination will consume you. Your body, mind and soul will feel the depth and intensity of every single word, every single touch, every single tear and every single smile.

Selene Cavalier, Bennett Monterosso and Gage Calibri have a relationship unlike any other. The three of them, will imbed themselves underneath your skin and have you falling in love with their passion, complexity and raw and honest desire. Beneath the Vine explores the actions, wants and needs of two dominant men and a beguilingly innocent woman. As their bodies succumb to their decadent cravings, their hearts will be sliced open trying to find the balance of their unforgiving and unparalleled situation.

A.M. Johnson writing as Lillian Bryant has taken a chance with Beneath the Vine, pushing boundaries and expectations. Following the road less travelled with Selene, Bennett and Gage has unquestionably paid off. Writing from three points of view, Lillian Bryant’s dedication and devotion to the development of this story is blaringly obvious. With such meticulousness and finesse, each character’s persona is exclusive and enchanting. Using the perfect amount of heartache and redemption, Bryant fills your mind with this intoxicating tale of eroticism and amorousness. With substance and originality, Bryant solidifies her place in the world of erotic fiction.

Captivating. Enthralling. Hypnotizing.



A.M. Johnson aka Lillian Bryant resides in Utah with her family where she works as a full-time nurse. She chose to originally publish her erotica under a pen so she could have the freedom to get her feet wet without upsetting the balance of her family. In the end, she decided it was best to just be her, write the world the way she wants… show all the sides of who she is and fly her freak flag proudly.  

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