#TeaserTuesday: Uncovering Hope


Release Date: March 22, 2016


Carly Reynolds doesn’t have much faith in men. She no longer trusts her heart to lead—not after doing her so wrong. Raising her sons alone, Carly must learn to stand on her own. But she’s stronger now, wiser, and determined to move forward. 

Derek Taylor, the sexy tatted drummer for Three Ugly Guys, doesn’t have much time for women, except to hook up and get off. He’d rather focus on writing music and living the career he’s always dreamed. Fate may have other plans. 

Dr. Garrett Brooks is the talk of Children’s Hospital. As the new surgical resident, he is young, charming, and attractive. He takes an immediate interest in Carly but his demanding work schedule and her single mom status don’t leave much opportunity for dating.

Between love interests, two boys to raise, and a full time nursing job, Carly’s ability to stand strong is put to the test. And when strange things start to transpire Carly must face the reality that her past has come back to haunt. Can the woman she’s become dare to hope for love again? And which man will win her heart?

Uncovering Hope is the third and final book in the Uncovering Love series, but can also be read as a standalone.



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“Mama! Mama! Can we go another block? I want to fill up my bag!” His cheeks are flushed from the cold night and probably from running up and down the driveways.

“I don’t know.” Carly looks back down the street at her house.

“Pulleeze!” Ezra chimes in. “Dillon from my class said they’re handing out full size Hershey bars the next street over! We can’t miss that!” 

“Full size! Fu—ntastic!” I shout. “Come on, mama, I think we have to!”

Carly grins and then nods slowly, “Okay, but once we get home it’s only five pieces and then straight to bed. No complaining.”

“We won’t!” Ezra and Eli nod before traveling down the sidewalk with Carly and me keeping a close pace.

“If you need to get back, let me know. I’m sure you have other plans on a Friday night.”

“These are my only plans, Carly. I’ve got all night,” I say and I catch her inhale of breath. She’s stunning tonight in her dark jeans and gray hoodie. Hell, she looks exquisite in a pair of Pepto Bismol colored scrubs. Her lush pink lips stand out in contrast to her fair skin. And those knowing green eyes—damn, I’m tempted to stare all night. But sporting a boner in a child’s character costume isn’t my idea of a good time. 

I focus on the boys instead. Their joy and enthusiasm is contagious. The grin that spreads across my face is permanently plastered without any effort. 

            “So, do we get dibs on the loot?” I ask. Carly grins and a smile fills her sweet face.

            “It’s why we put up with this stupid holiday.” She murmurs then drops her voice to add, “We tax the hell out of that shit. I’m all over the Reese’s, so you better watch yourself.”

            I raise my tiny arms. “Whoa, no need to get excited. I’ll let you have your damn chocolate and peanut butter heaven . . . as long as I get a taste.” I roll the stud of my tongue piercing through my lips. Her eyes widen and she sucks in a breath. Shit. Does she want me as much as I want her? Am I really up for that? The whole package—the boys, and the baggage from the ex, because I know the answer she gave me last week was bullshit; there’s more than she wants to share. 

Copyright Kacey Shea Books LLC 2016

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