Review: Fame By Lauren McKellar



She’s supposed to cover the stories.
Not be one.

Madison Winters has life in the bag. Gorgeous fiancé? Check. Promotion to become editor of the country’s hottest fashion magazine? Check. Limited edition pair of Manolo Blahniks? Checkity-check.
Catching her fiancé with his pants down isn’t something she expects. In the space of twenty-four hours, Madison loses it all—not even her shoes will be saved.
Swapping sass + bide for sweatpants and Dior for the downward dog is going to be hell. The last thing Madison’s broken heart needs is a run-in with America’s newest playboy. Can she ever recover from this?

Tate Masters has it all—Hollywood’s latest golden boy has washboard abs, a killer smile, and a leading role in the next A-list movie.
Until a secret from his past is splashed all over the headlines, and that ‘good boy’ image fast-tracks to the gutter.
Now the media hunt is on, and they’re baying for Tate’s blood. One night of wild behaviour sees him wake up next to a gorgeous Aussie brunette—and she’s everything Tate’s afraid of.
Keeping secrets has never been this hard.



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This is my first Lauren McKellar book and it definitely won’t be my last. Not knowing what to expect I went into this book blind and came out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. With a big smile, a happy heart and a sense of completion, FAME was the perfect combination of smart, sexy and sassy. Taking me on a journey of self-discovery and self worth, Lauren McKellar evokes empathy and compassion from the reader. Ensuring that the characters fulfill their need to infuse familiarity and understanding, FAME will have you hooked till the very end.

When Madison Winters wakes up on her 23rd Birthday, her list of accomplishments is at an all time high and with the intention to add more accolades to her ever-expanding repertoire, Madison Winters life seems perfect. Until it’s not.

Madison doesn’t get the promotion she was expecting and her fiancé… well his definition of commitment and forever is surprisingly unreliable. Broken and lost, Lauren McKellar brings to life a vulnerable young woman trying to figure out what happens next. Sent to a yoga retreat Madison is determined to some soul searching. Battling with the new her and the old her, she struggles to find out what it is she really wants out of life… And then comes along Tate Masters – Hollywood heartthrob. With his own goals and his own agenda, Tate Masters is determined to be Hollywood’s IT boy. Keep his image clean and his girlfriend happy.

As their paths cross Madison and Tate are fighting their attraction from the get go and with a laundry list of reasons as to why they should stay away from each other, their chemistry and passion over powers any semblance of rational thinking. Through laughs, tears and a whole lot of lovin’, readers will fall in love with and want nothing more than to see Madison and Tate together.

Lauren McKellar magically weaves her wand, ensuring that FAME is light hearted and refreshing, whilst still conveying the serious undertone of loss, heartache and forgiveness. Through Madison, McKellar has created an amazing character. Her attention to detail means that the evolution of Madison is strong, deep and relatable. Touching upon feelings and issues that are common and consuming – Madison becomes a positive example and a pillar of strength throughout the book.

With the beloved Tate Masters using his point of view to show off his honest and devoted heart. Readers will be swooning over his unwavering and unconditional dedication to those who are important to him. Paired with sweet one-liners and a gorgeous smile, McKellar has hit gold with Tate Masters.

FAME is funny, heartwarming and memorable. Effortlessly giving the story line a complexity that is often overlooked. McKellar pulls off the layers that hide the simple boy and the simple girl; transitioning this two-dimensional love story to a beautiful kaleidoscope of real life.

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