The Letters (A Carnage Novella)

The Letters HR Cover (2)

It’s just a box of letters, right?
Words that were written a long time ago.
From a boy to the girl that he missed. From a man to the woman he loved.
But what if those words carried more impact than anyone realised?
Will they finally give Georgia the closure she needs and lessen the guilt she battles every day?
Or will everything she thought she knew about the boy and man who wrote them and the life they shared be forever altered?
All will be revealed in The Letters.
A story about life, love, and acceptance.



When Lesley Jones announced that she was writing The Letters: A Carnage Novella I was thrilled. Any excuse to reunite with Sean, Georgia, Cameron, the Layton’s and the King’s and I AM ALL. OVER. THAT. What I expected was a chance to get a further look at Georgia and Sean’s missing years. I wanted pages upon pages filled with hurt, anger and extreme declarations of love. A sense of closure regarding the ‘missing years’. But that wasn’t what I got and knowing that many readers may not agree, I was delighted with the way it turned out.

What Lesley Jones gives readers is the inner thoughts and feelings of one of the most complex, yet heartbreakingly beautiful love triangles I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Written majorly from Cameron’s perspective the direction of this novella is unexpected and unanticipated. As storylines and trains of thoughts that have been very prevalent in the Carnage full-length novels; come to life. Lesley Jones in her well known English versed, sex fueled and foul mouthed shenanigans reminds readers why they will read anything centered around these characters.

I don’t want to give anything away but what I will say is there will be tears, there will be smiles and of course there is one hell of a surprise. Throw any pre-conceived ideas out the window and allow yourself to indulge in the memories and the feelings on offer. I may not have been expecting Lesley to write The Letters but I am glad she did. I’m impressed with her ability to still surprise the hard-core Carnage fans and above all I love that The Letters gave me closure in a way I didn’t think I wanted or needed… But I guess Lesley knows her readers better than they know themselves.

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Lesley Jones Biography

Lesley was born and grew up in Essex, just outside of London, England but moved with her family to Australia in 2006 and now lives close to the city of Melbourne. As well as writing, Lesley is an avid reader and also enjoys watching a game of football- the round ball version- while sipping on a glass of wine, during her down time. Despite now living in Aus, she is still an Essex girl at heart and remains partial to her waxing, tinting, sculpting and shellac routines. Lesley is a huge fan of social media and can often be found chatting to her readers in her various groups. She is a sucker for a reality TV show, with TOWIE being her obvious favourite.

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