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Title: Divided

Series: Unguarded #2

Author: Ivy Stone

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 22, 2016



We were strangers.

Two people on different paths that were never meant to cross. 

He saved me.

I ruined her.

We had no control.

We were powerless against fate.

It wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t right, but it was real.

Ours was a toxic love. So lethal it was destined to ruin us both, and it did. In the end, everything went wrong for all the right reasons. 
Our lives divided. But our love would be infinite.

A forbidden crush.
A destructive romance.
A fierce love.

Roamyn & Alison

An Unguarded Novel



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Divided, is a book that I have been waiting for from the moment I read the last words of Exposed. Knowing it would be about Ali and Roamyn had my excitement levels through the roof. I knew they had a connection and I knew they had a past BUT, what I didn’t know was that both these characters were going to break my heart. The backstory given to this damaged couple is tainted the whole way through. Living under a veil of darkness, it is a painful, yet an eye opening journey to get to the light. Filled with lies, secrets, heartache and unimaginable strength Ali and Roamyn will no doubt be you new favourite couple.

Divided takes readers back to the very beginning of Ali and Roamyn’s relationship. From how they met, to the reasons they lost touch and to the present day. As in Exposed, Divided continues with the good guys versus the bad guys story line. With Roamyn’s beliefs, morals and ethics being tested at every single turn, Ali’s less than wholesome life is killing her slowly. As they try to find a way where their world’s can coexist; the underground world has other plans and a life together seems impossible.

Exploring the world of addiction, abandonment, violence and retribution, Ivy Stone has continued with the fast, adrenaline induced pace set in Exposed. Through Ali and Roamyn, Stone realistically portrays the impact and the seriousness of being stuck on the wrong side of the tracks. And through the chemistry, passion and determination, Stone has also emphasized how inspiring the light at the end of the tunnel can really be.

With every hurdle bigger than the last Divided is a collection of right and wrong choices. In a gut-wrenching story of survival versus a lifetime of heartache and loss, Ali and Roamyn are the perfect example of endurance. Together or apart Ivy Stone has given her characters, depth, independence and hope. Wishing that love conquers all, Stone and the Unguarded Series will have readers hooked, right till the very end…



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“Mother. Lover. Dreamer.”

Ivy Stone is an Australian author and self-confessed lover of alpha males and happily ever afters. Getting lost in a fictional world is how she discovered her passion for writing. When she isn’t daydreaming up new romantic stories she’s likely to be found spending time with her family.

Ivy’s debut novel ‘Exposed’ is to be released on October 13th 2015. This is the first instalment in the Unguarded series.

Ivy loves to hear from her readers, you can visit or contact her here:

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