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*** Upper New Adult Spinoff Standalone to the USA Today Bestselling Novel, Under the Influence***


“Shhhh, Cassandra, it’s our little secret.”

Secrets are stubborn things when they refuse to remain hidden. They tear through your soul, clawing and lashing until the pain becomes so unbearable, you’re left no choice but to silently scream your agony. No one hears you, of course. You smile on the outside and drift through life as though your mind is at peace, but all the while, you remain your own tortured prisoner. Sealed inside the darkened, soundproof room of your conscience, deafening cries echo as you plead for someone to unlock the door and release you from your nightmares. And eventually, when no one comes, you find ways to cope. To dull the suffering the only way you know how.

But what happens when you’ve become so numb, when everything around you has become so blurred, that you begin to lose focus on the saving grace standing directly in front of you? When you’ve anesthetized yourself to the point of losing consciousness, forced to watch as his once solid image fades away, lost to your reach in the haze as it smothers you?

What do you do then?

You fight. You heal. Then you bring him back.

Well, my name is Cassie Cooper, and it’s time.

No more secrets.

This is my story.

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***WARNING – The subject matter of this novel centers around the psychological effects due to sexual abuse experienced during childhood. For this reason, as well as sexual situations, language, and adult themes, suggested reading age is 17+.***



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After reading Under the Influence, I was desperate for more By L.B. Simmons. And when I say more, I mean the woman could write about pot plants and I would read it. Nevertheless Out of Focus was announced and I waited patiently (I’m lying) to be able to immerse myself in characters created by Simmons. So, with no pot plants to be found, Out of Focus another L.B. Simmons masterpiece, cloaks my heart with heartache, anger, redemption, strength and love.

In Under the Influence Simmons puts Cassandra (Cassie) Cooper in the story as Spencer’s supportive, upbeat, and jovial best friend. In what I assume to be purposefully plotted by Simmons, readers unconsciously take this description as face value. So when Cassie’s story is told in Out Of Focus, the sense of familiarity readers believe they have with Cassie is challenged and any predictions about her story are futile. Showing how L.B. Simmons flawlessly keeps readers amazed and engrossed.

Cassie is numb and has been for a VERY long time. Drowning in hate, anger and monotony, alive but not living is the best way to describe Cassie’s life. Then there is Grady, shining like a diamond his very presence challenges Cassie’s way of life. Like a breath of fresh Grady is inspiring and supportive. As he persistently sets out to coax Cassie and her inner strength, his dedication to Cassie is unwavering and his aura is empowering, heartening and encouraging. Drenched in angst and heartache, Simmons’ choice to showcase multiple layers of Cassie’s journey will have readers invested and sensitive to every tear and every smile. Equally housing vulnerability and strength, Cassie’s desire to return to the land of the living is remarkable and notable.

In what is so much more then a love story L.B. Simmons has once again touched on pain and it’s all consuming need to linger and potential to destroy. In every obstacle, barrier and roadblock given to Cassie, L.B. Simmons shows two sides of the coin. The good and the Bad. In a journey laced with hope there is no doubt readers will be moved as they get to witness which side Cassie chooses.


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L.B. Simmons is a graduate of Texas A&M University and holds a degree in Biomedical Science.  She has been a practicing Chemist for the last 11 years.  She lives with her husband and three daughters in Texas and writes every chance she gets.

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