First Love


Everything has a place and a purpose. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Not one thing in my life was left to chance, not one thing was unplanned, except him. Dixon was unruly and spontaneous, making the most rash decisions a welcome anticipation. Whilst I wasted time reading the signs, he lived in an envious daze of excitement creating his own. Now I had to learn how to live without the one thing I always relied on in order to win him back. – Harley

Harley was the love of my life, my first and my only. Some called me whipped, some called me stupid but I called us everything. But Harley left me, she threw me aside as though I was nothing. Just another check on her to-do list. Now she is back and I only have one objective, to ruin her like she so effortlessly ruined me. When the anger finally fades and the lust for something new dies out, I am left with the dreaded realization that she is irreplaceable. I hate her for that. – Dixon

Some say that your first is irreplaceable, that it never dies out. Both back in the town they made their vows – will Harley and Dixon find their way back to the people they once were? Or will the pain of rejection tarnish and kill everything they once had?

Some love stories are worth the fight.




First Love is L. Harvey’s second book in The Illusion Series. Focusing on Dixon and Harley, the direction of this book will have readers invested and empathetic from the very beginning. L. Harvey shines in First Love, showing so much growth and highlighting her future potential as an author, there is no doubt this series will continue to get better with every book.

Harley and Dixon make their first appearance in Broken Love. High school sweethearts, they are the envy of all their friends; In love, secure and destined for happiness. Or so it seems. First Love sheds light on the many layers of Harley and Dixon; highlighting their back-story, their secrets and their private heartache, readers are taken on a journey of pain, betrayal, heartache and redemption.

Harvey focuses on the memories, the significance and the power, that comes with the deep connection of your first love. In an unexpected twist Harley and Dixon’s picture perfect relationship is shattered. Witnessing Harley’s confusion, heartache and journey of self-awareness and healing in juxtaposition with Dixon’s determination to destruct; First Love is a whirlwind of confessions, revelations and affirmations. As hope lingers, readers will be pining for the reunion of Harley and Dixon.

First Love also highlights the importance of all the secondary characters in this series, making it known that trauma, suffering and survival are prominent themes in The Illusion Series. Harvey sets the tone and leaves many doors open for the maturity and development of not only Harley and Dixon in this book but also all future characters and their stories.

Harley and Dixon’s journey is raw and real, showing off real life struggle paired with heartfelt dedication. Harvey has used her characters to send her message loud and clear, this was a story of first love, last love and only love.


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