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His body climbing over mine.

My teeth biting his neck.

His scent on my skin.

My nails carving a path down his back.

His commands whispered in my ear.

All of my senses filled with him.

I knew it was bad. But I craved more.

It had begun innocently enough, bumping into one another in a crowded Boston bar. What followed that night had been anything but innocent.

Because I’d known, even as he’d slid inside of me, that he was my professor. I’d pursued him, a predator stalking its prey.

And he didn’t know I was his student.

But he would.

Author’s note: This isn’t a jail bait student/teacher story with a butterflies-in-the-belly kind of romance. The characters portrayed in this novel are consenting adults with functioning brains. If curse words, sex, and hard ass college professors with secrets offend you, move right along.


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There are so many aspects that need to be considered when writing a student teacher romance. As a reader I believe it is a topic that needs to be addressed with delicacy and finesse. Readers need to be able to feel the powerful connection that forces two individuals to proceed with such haste and disregard of the consequences. What drives someone to become so consumed with somebody else, that their whole relationship obliterates any semblance of normalcy.

Meet Professor Nathanial Easton & Adele Morello.

That’s right he’s her Professor and she is his sultry and sexy student. Sent straight from hell to shake up his rigid and bleak lifestyle, Adele is determined to get the professor to notice her.

And notice her he does…

With a laundry list of insecurities and personal tragedies Nathanial and Adele come together in an explosion of passion. Filled with an unrivaled fierceness, both become addicted to the rough nature of their relationship and the way it silences their inner demons. But when once a week turns into everyday, both Nathan and Adele realize they can no longer treat this like part–time fling.

Being the first book written by Alex Lucian, impressed is an understatement; Lucian excels at capturing the mood of the story. As it moves from a ferocious, animalistic like attraction, to an exploration of truths and secrets; Alex Lucian shows off Nathan and Adele’s transition of feelings (physical to emotional) perfectly.

Creating such flawed characters will have readers intrigued right to the very end. Painting pictures with words, Alex Lucian will have you visualising EVERY aspect of this book. Feeling as frenzied as both characters; readers will no doubt, understand why one takes the risk and gets involved in a teacher student romance.

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Author Bio: 

Alex Lucian is an author living on the eastern coast of the United States who appreciates being anonymous, for personal and professional reasons. Tempting is Alex’s first novel.

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