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I’ve always believed in what I can see, what I can hear and what I can touch. Surfing was my religion and destiny was just a fairy-tale. But one summer, over ten days during the hottest February on record, all that changed. I found hope – the kind of hope that sustains you, even when you don’t want to be sustained.

The night Emily disappeared, I was branded. She became the girl on the ‘missing’ posters, and I became the one trying to keep everyone from falling apart. I thought that somehow it would keep me from being devoured by the emptiness inside me. Five years later, I was beginning to appreciate how deluded I really was.

Then Maia showed up. New in town, with a past as mysterious as she was, she reminded me so much of Emily that I couldn’t stand to be anywhere near her. What I didn’t realise was that there were forces at play that neither of us could possibly understand.

It takes a determined soul to alter destiny. There is a loophole, a back door, and the events that unfolded during those ten days showed me how that loophole can change everything.

Do you believe in fate? If so, let me tell you my story. If not, what happened to me might change your mind.



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It has been at least twelve hours since I finished The Trouble with Paper Planes and the feelings conjured up by the book are still lingering. I thought I would let my feelings settle overnight and then maybe I would be able to write a review that covers the all consuming emotions brought about by this unique story.

I’ve found it to be extremely difficult to put into coherent sentences, a book that takes you on a journey so profound that the characters and story line infiltrate your every thought.

The Trouble with Paper Planes is not for everyone. It pushes boundaries, expectations and breathes air into the belief of soul mates and the depth and impact of your one true love. But if you can stretch your mind and immerse yourself into the unknown and the heartache of love and loss, this book is for you.

Heath Danes is traumatized and broken. Trudging through life after the disappearance of his girlfriend, he is certain he is destined to be alone and empty. It’s been five years and Heath is still so consumed by the love of his life.

‘I was a black hole, a star frozen at the point of collapse. I couldn’t go back, yet I couldn’t seem to move on, either.’

Then comes Maia. Breezing into town like a breath of fresh air. With no past and swirling in mystery, she shows Heath that their lives, actions, decisions and future are so much bigger then just she and he.

With a heavy presence, of themes such as fate and destiny, Amanda Dick writes a heartbreakingly powerful piece. Using her amazing ability to keep readers hooked; her writing, her words and the flow of this story is a true testament to the remarkable author Amanda Dick is.

The connection between Heath and Maia is so potent and through Amanda Dick’s descriptions and effective dialogue their relationship is played out with such precision and delicacy. Heath and Maia are extremely influential as main characters, their presence in is significant to every secondary character and the minor sub stories that emerge. Which in turn solidifies the importance of every character in the unfolding events of this hauntingly beautiful love story.

For all those dedicated to true love, soul mates and the true existence of your other half, The Trouble with Paper Planes will encouragement that love will prevail – ALWAYS.

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Amanda Dick is a night-owl, coffee addict, movie buff and music lover. She loves to do DIY (if it’s not bolted down, she’ll probably paint it, re-cover it or otherwise decorate it) and has tried almost every craft known to man/womankind. She has two sewing machines and an over-locker she can’t remember how to thread. She crochets (but can’t follow a pattern), knits (badly) and refrains from both as a public service.

She believes in love at first sight, in women’s intuition and in following your heart. She is rather partial to dark chocolate and believes in the power of a good vanilla latte.

What lights her fire is writing stories about real people in trying situations. Her passion is finding characters who are forced to test their boundaries. She is insanely curious about how we, as human beings, react when pushed to the edge. Most of all, she enjoys writing about human behaviour – love, loss, joy, grief, friendship and the complexity of relationships in general.

After living in Scotland for five years, she has now settled back home in New Zealand, where she lives with her husband and two children.

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  1. Amanda Dick says:

    Thanks so much for your beautiful review! I’m so glad you not only enjoyed the story, but seemed to really understand where I was coming from in telling it this way. Makes my day! xx

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