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Title: Exposed (Unguarded, #1)

Author: Ivy Stone

Genre: Erotic Romance/ Romantic Suspense

Release Date: October 13. 2015


One explosive encounter brought them together.

One infatuation led to a love like no other.

One secret tore them apart.

As head of the NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau in Manhattan, Chief Detective Mason Cole walks in the line of fire every day. Between dodging bullets and braiding his daughter’s hair, Mason is tormented with haunting memories that refuse to relinquish control over him, no matter how hard he tries. After a bust gone wrong, he’s thrown for a loop by a woman who will fill his life with more chaos than ever before.

Lindsey Jenkins is a self-made woman. Bold and independent, she lives unapologetically in a life of deception. That is until her facade is threatened by a force stronger than anything she’s ever felt before—love.

Leaving their hearts unguarded could lead to destruction. Even worse, it could expose them both to a war they never saw coming.

In a city coerced by corruption and treachery, what happens when your greatest passion becomes your biggest weakness?



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Exposed is Book One in the Unguarded Series, a debut novel for author Ivy Stone. The chemistry and passion throughout this book will have excitement racing through your veins whilst reading. Your anxiety will be at an all time high, reading each chapter faster then the one before; trying to calm your racing heart.

Exposed is a story about pain, retribution, lust, love, and redemption. Taking readers and their hearts on an emotionally charged journey filled with power and passion. The story hits the ground running. With an opening surged with adrenaline, Stone maintains this feel throughout, bringing Lindsey and Mason to life with a bang.

Lindsey and Mason are two people from different worlds, both familiar with the law, for very different reasons. Their undeniable chemistry overshadows all the reasons why together shouldn’t be an option. But after a few secret touches, lingering kisses and life and body altering moments, apart isn’t an option.

As their worlds collide in the worst possible way Lindsey and Mason are faced with choices that jeopardise their happiness. Tortured by their choices and their options; readers will be waiting with baited breath; wondering what the end result is for Lindsey and Mason

Ivy Stone, I want to congratulate you on this amazing debut. Readers will effortlessly fall in love with Lindsey and Mason. And with Stone’s perfectly written secondary characters; Ivy Stone has secretly stamped the Unguarded Series onto your heart. Readers will be addicted after reading Exposed, waiting anxiously to be reunited with their new favourite characters.



 Reaching the bottom of the steps, I spot Alison’s one-night stand in the doorway. Roamyn’s voice echoes through the hall, deep and pissed off. “Who the hell are you?”

“Jake, what are you doing back here?” I ask, not giving the guy time to answer Roamyn. Mason stills when I use Jake’s name, his body rigid and expression pinched. Jake glances between Mason, Roamyn and myself.

“The lady asked you a question,” Mason, steps up beside me, posture tall, chest out, and I roll my eyes at his macho attitude. He actually looks pissed off. It takes me all of a second to realize why. He thinks Naked Guy is here for me, not Alison. The thought he might be jealous has me grinning for the first time this morning.

“Um, I forgot my wallet,” Jake croaks out, his voice breaking as both badass detectives shoot him looks that could kill.

Turning to me, Mason folds his arms over his torso. “Lindsey, the boy forgot his wallet.”

My eyes bulge at the unspoken insinuation he’s throwing at me.

Ali appears beside Roamyn, but before I can rip Mason’s judgmental ass a new one, she pipes up, “Wow. That was an asshole move.” All eyes land on Alison and all three men appear thoroughly confused.

I lower my hand to my hip and the other out in front of me. “Okay, hold up right there.” I aim at Mason, “Jake here, looks all of eighteen years old. I’m no cougar.

So you can take your judgment and shove it right up your ass.”

“Seriously?” Ali’s voice cracks through the lasers of annoyance I’m shooting into Mason.

Amused, she points between Jake and I. “You actually thought Lindsey would bring a guy home? To her place?” Ali scoffs and Mason grimaces while scrubbing the stubble shadowing his face, obviously regretting his insinuation now.

Roamyn turns to Ali accusingly. “Wait, so he was with you then?”

“Well, yeah, he sure wasn’t screwing Miss Uptight over here.” She nods in my direction.

I roll my eyes. “Real mature, Alison.”

“Um, excuse me but–”

“What?” Cutting Jake off, four sets of pissed off eyes glare at him.

He shrinks back. “Look, if I can just grab my wallet, I’ll get out of your hair.”

“I’ll get it, hold on,” Ali murmurs as she disappears down the hall.

About The Author


“Mother. Lover. Dreamer.”

Ivy Stone is an Australian author and self-confessed lover of alpha males and happily ever afters. Getting lost in a fictional world is how she discovered her passion for writing. When she isn’t daydreaming up new romantic stories she’s likely to be found spending time with her family.

Ivy’s debut novel ‘Exposed’ is to be released on October 13th 2015. This is the first instalment in the Unguarded series. 

Ivy loves to hear from her readers, you can visit or contact her here:

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