Hale Jarreau left my life the same way he entered it–all at once.

We once burned like a fire, raging and consuming and I spent my life loving him. I didn’t have a choice.

And then, he was gone… Leaving my heart aching and my soul empty.

Time doesn’t heal a damn thing and pain comes in many forms. But time only makes that pain ache deeper.

It makes forgetting impossible.

Every love has its story.
This one is ours.




Scorched by R. Holmes is her Debut Novel and it didn’t disappoint, with memorable characters and a burning passion that singes each page. Holmes movingly shares a love story; so honest and sincere; one of life’s rarities.

Scorched is a love story about Hale and Ember. Meeting at a young age readers will witness the development of a connection, that people live their lives craving. As Ember and Hale share their childhood and teenage years, it seems to be natural progression that they would entwine their futures. With visions, thoughts and dreams, the road ahead seems blissful… until the future isn’t an option anymore.

 As unexpected surprises both good and bad make their way across the pages, Scorched gives readers a front row seat to the vibrant whirlwind that is Hale and Ember. Holmes’ writing ignites passion and shows off the depth of their love. Hale wears his feelings for Ember on his sleeve, his endless declarations will have your heart melting. As Ember’s dedication and loyalty to Hale shines, maintaining her dignity and self-preservation whilst doing so is admirable.

 Holmes has created a story line with characters that fulfill the brief. This love story exudes passion, lust, rage and authenticity. Above all Holmes’ has remained true to the power of all consuming and life altering love.

“Just take the ugly, broken, bruised things and make something beautiful from the wreckage.”


R. Holmes is from a tiny itty bitty town in southern Louisiana where everyone knows everyone. Land of alligators, boudin balls and Mardi Gras. She spends her days being a super mom and her nights writing sexy alpha men for all of her bookwhores. She plans on writing until her fingers fall off but really hopes to have to never write a biography herself again.

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