Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015: Brittany’s Book Rambles


The Summer Blogger Promo Tour is a concept created by the gorgeous Amber and Jessica of The Book Bratz, in order to get book bloggers from near and far to interact with one another.  Through a series of weekly spotlight posts, The Book Bratz put bloggers into groups and then created a rotating schedule that would highlight bloggers, blogs and everything bookish. 

Between July 5th and August 31st Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books will host blog posts showcasing 8 different blogs. So, stay tuned for a variety of posts filled with lots of books, books and more books!


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NYC Blogger of Brittany’s Book Rambles. Brittany is a self-proclaimed bookworm, Grisha, Potterhead, Dauntless, Fangirl, and excessive rambler. She is shameless in her love of the written word. No matter where she is, most of the time you can find at least one book in her purse. On Brittany’s Book Rambles you’ll find book reviews, giveaways, and fun memes such as Forgotten Fridays and Books vs. Movies. Feel free to find Brittany on any of the links below.

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Today on Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books, Brittany will be sharing her Ten MOST Irritating Things That Non-Readers Say

1) If it was any good, they’d make a movie/TV show out of it. 

Um, what? Books have been around much longer than film so that in itself makes this statement impossible. Second of all, movie makers don’t only troll books for ideas for movies. There are thousands, millions, of amazing books out there that have never been made into a movie.

2) Why read the book when you can watch the movie/tv show? It’s quicker and better. 

It’s very rare that any type of film adaptation stays as true to the book as us readers want them to be. Sure, it’s happened where I preferred the film adaptation more than the book but it’s extremely rare. The book is how the story/plot of the show was originally meant to be seen. If the author’s wanted to specifically be a movie they’d write screenplays. Also when reading, I’m not looking to get the through it quickly. The same with a good TV show or movie. Never in my life have I said, “ I have heard amazing things about this movie but it’s longer than an hour and a half, so I can’t.” My enjoyment is not on a time clock.

3) You must have a lot of free time on your hands to have time to read so much.

This is just plain insulting. I make time for reading. Just like you make time for your video games, sporting events, work, family, etc. You’re implying that I don’t have any other responsibilities or aspects of my life.

4) Books are boring. 

I’m sorry that you think that. You have obviously haven’t found the right book for you. However, they are not boring to me and I don’t appreciate it when people insult something I enjoy.

5) You must think you’re better than us because you read so much. 

Absolutely not. There isn’t a shred of truth to this statement at all. I read for my own personal enjoyment not to make others feel bad or that I’m above them. People like this should realize that their problem isn’t with the reader, it’s within themselves.

6) It’s just a book. Why are you getting so worked up over it?

It’s just a book? It’s just a book? I’m sorry, but no. A good book has the power to move its readers into fits of tears or laughter. A good book can bring warmth to your heart or make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Maybe you haven’t found a book that’s done this to you, but I have.

7) You’re reading that? Why don’t you read something more intellectual? If I read any book it would be non-fiction or at least a classic.

I love it when people say this to me. Especially if the person says, “If I read any book.” That’s because the only people who have said this to me are anti-readers. No one has the right to judge anyone for what their reading especially people who proclaim that they hate reading. They don’t read anything but they still want to pass judgment. This implies that a) you’re reading something not worth reading and b) that you don’t read any non-fiction or classic books.  Just because you see me reading one book doesn’t mean you know about all the books I have read. But more importantly, why do you have to put down what other people enjoy? Am I harming you by reading what I enjoy? No? That’s what I thought. So keep your thoughts to yourself.

8) That book is for *insert age group*, why don’t you read something for your own age? Or are you not able to?

This is said to me a lot because I read YA. Reading is for everyone. I have never met an author that has said to a reader, “well my books are just for this age group, why did you read it?” Also, this comment is implying that I read YA because I’m not intelligent enough to read something else? I read what I want to read.

9) So I bent the cover, if it’s such a big deal I guess I’ll buy you a new one. 

First of all, if I lend anything to you and you damage it then yes it’s a big deal. Also, a lot of us readers have had these books for years. We’ve carried them around for years, someone special gave them to us, we have specific memories tied to them. They’re not easy to replace. So, telling me that you’ll begrudgingly buy me a new one shows that you don’t care or respect me or my belongings.

10) You do know that ___ dies, right?

Why do people do this? I’ve only had non-readers do this to me. I actually make a point to ask them after they have spoiled my book if they’ve read it because I want everyone around to hear about this crappy thing that person did. Not only have they spoiled my book, by not reading the book and just reading the spoiler, they are telling me with the sole purpose of ruining it for me.

Thanks SO much Brittany for sharing your thoughts! 

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