Mini Mentions – Featuring A Whole Lot of LOVE!

Whilst on holidays I have been seriously attempting to get through my TO-BE-READ list. The dent I have made isn’t huge but I’m slowly chipping away at it. I’m enjoying EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of it.

So in order to show these books a bit of lovin’ I have decided to show my love for them by including them off in my mini mentions section of the blog. 

I hope you’ve read the books mentioned, if you haven’t – GET ONTO IT.

Happy Reading…


Sloth By Ella James was a book that I could not put down. It was a definite page turner, that had you on the edge of your seat, with serious gasping as you read every chapter. Ella James wrote this captivating story, with such heart and soul; you can feel the emotions bleeding on to the pages. During the promotion stages of the book, I recall seeing teasers capturing passion and heat between the main characters. It was safe to say I whole heartedly believed this would be a passionate love story, that would have a few twists and turns and a happily ever after. It was definitely a passionate love story and there was serious heat but James’ secretly weaves this heart-wrenching twist that will change you forever.

Ella James flawlessly marks out a story that has you thinking and feeling beyond they last page.


Jamie Begley has written one of my favourite series. I love the Last Riders series as well as all the spin offs associated with it. If you are like me and find it difficult letting characters go then this is for you.

Naturally I could barely contain my excitement for Lucky’s Choice – as a very prominent character in the other Last Rider books and each other characters storylines, It was inevitable that Lucky needed to share who he was with us. As Lucky’s Choice highlights the relationship between Lucky and Willa my favourite part is how Begley successfully played out Lucky’s struggle with Willa, The Church, God and his beloved Last Riders.

As the issues of honesty, love, lust, infidelity, loyalty, honour and truth are explored through Lucky’s story, Begley has brought to life a character whose self worth is so broken that it his journey to find peace is quite eye opening and moving. Not to mention the growth and positive change in Willa as a leading lady. Once again Jamie Begley shows how the story does just not gel without an impressive, loyal and secretly powerful woman.


Sierra Simone’s title and cover speaks for itself. When this book came out there was no doubt all the responses to it, were HOT, SEXY AND HOLY HELL!! And YES my reactions were of the similar nature but instead of focus on the sexual nature of the story, which was passionate, explosive and damn right sinful.

My favourite part of the book may not actually be the same as everyone else but I will fangirl about it anyway. Im sure Sierra Simone struggled internally with whether her story was offensive or if there would be any backlash. I wanted to share my perception of a book that showcased a human being who struggled with his responsibilities and his personal wants and needs. Simone wrote a story about a man who continued to be loyal to his faith, his beliefs and sought out redemption and forgiveness.

Sierra Simone highlights Tyler’s struggle well throughout the book. Simone effortlessly respects the importance of Tyler’s faith by giving him a happy ever after that he deserves, whilst still maintaining the significance of the catholic church and his role within it. I appreciate that he wasn’t shunned, dismissed and the story line did not end up with him hating the thing that gave him solace at some time in his life.


Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy have written my new favourite M/M romance novel. Whilst injecting humour and hockey into a serious storyline of fear, heartache, love and lust. Bringing to life two great individual characters with separate insecurities, beliefs and lifestyles.

The story follows Jamie and Ryan two hockey players who used to go to summer hockey camp, who have lost touch and recently bumped into another as their college teams meet.

With the revelation of underlying feelings and mixed emotions that have stuck with these young men. We watch them explore their sexuality, their attraction and their unpredictable future.

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Melissa Collins writes a M/M Romance novel that is so much more then two men falling in love. Collins explores such sensitive topics such as post traumatic stress, sexual assault, drugs and neglect.

Dax and Beckett’s lives collide unexpectedly and their relationship is full steam ahead from the get go. Dealing with their individual issues, the exploration of the relationship is twisted, tumultuous and full of doubt and second guessing.

Collins captures their love, lust and hopeful future in a beautifully written story, with real life relatable characters.


Kathryn Sparrow and Robert Cage’s first novel together, is an exploration of the BDSM lifestyle in a military setting. With characters that have been created to fit in with the BDSM dynamics we are taken on a ride into a world of discovery, revelation, secrets and jealousy.

The main characters are complex and multifacetated. Their differences, pasts and present will prove to impact their lives more than they thought possible. Against great odds, we witness two people try to abandon their previous personalities and endeavour on a life, filled with luxury and love.

But with the military as their backdrop, it seems that the world has other plans. This book is of a series and has a cliffhanger ending, leaving the reader shocked, stunned and desperate to find out what happens next.

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With another M/M Romance novel under her belt Melissa Collins, shows readers why her writing is so good. Showing off two versatile and opposite characters. Collins manages to seamlessly throw their lives together, proving how undeniable true love can often be.

Once again Collins explores topics that many books shy away from. Collins excels at making the story relevant and the outcomes significant.

Repaired highlights Liam and Parker’s relationship, their status in the world and the secrets that will follow them. All whilst proving that determination is what brings happiness to life. With a story line that will take you somewhere unexpected and surprising, Collins shows how random, unpredictable, yet impeccably perfect life can be.