It’s August! Holy Shit, time is flying. July was a massive month for me and even though I enjoyed it I am glad that it is over.

This month on beauty’ De Livres…

I am on vacation and will not be posting too much – I am concentrating more on tackling my TBR with no reviews. I will attempt to do some mini mentions, which I can hopefully post on Goodreads and Amazon to continue supporting authors.

I also have a million Book Tags that I NEED to tackle – for all those who have tagged me – BE PATIENT WITH ME!!

I am hoping to try and take bookish/travel photos but who am I kidding, they will probably look like shit.. Ill try though lol!

I will try to continue with Top Ten Tuesday and Talk Shit Thursday but no promises!

And lastly I have the August Pre-Order/ Releases page so you all can know what books are releasing and I am excited to be reading this August.

Much Love