Trust the Focus


By: Megan Erickson

Trust the Focus is the first novel in the In Focus Series, which is very much categorized under the LGBTQIA banner. This is the first time that I have read a novel by Megan Erickson and I can wholeheartedly say that it will not be my last. Trust the Focus is a magnificent story that delves into the mind of a young man dealing with the realization that adulthood is around the corner and personal decisions and insecurities need to be addressed.

Erickson eloquently writes about the difficulties one is faced with when dealing with the truth about their sexuality. She treads carefully, when writing a story line that has featured in many other books before. Erickson successfully owns the story line by focusing on the internal struggle; showing the individual and their own personal/self inflicted hurt, anger, regret and redemption.

We are introduced to Justin and Landry, best friends since the beginning of time. As Landry has happily admitted and embraced his sexuality, Justin is sinking further into the depths of despair; as his whole life and his future has been built on a lie. As they prepare to go on a road trip to pay homage to the dead, both men deal with an assault of emotions that are sure to change them forever.

As Justin and Landry expose their most sacred secrets, the hurt and regret between them is palpable. With the world knocking on their door, demanding answers and decisions, the question as to whether they will survive these revelations remains.

Trust the Focus is a story of self-discovery and the importance of honesty. It displays the burden of secrets and shame perfectly, hoping to show the alternative to living in fear and humiliation. Megan Erickson writes an encouraging novel that will, forever resonate with many.