Focus On Me


By: Megan Erickson

Focus on Me is the second book in the In Focus Series by Megan Erickson, and if you thought you loved Trust the Focus, then prepare to be blown away by Focus on Me. Focus on Me will not only stamp itself on your heart, but the tumultuous journey will leave you with endless adoration for Erickson.

Erickson has continued her M/M theme and written a story with strong and complex characters, that deal with and process, the very serious and somber topic of mental illness. Erickson has superbly explored the issues, with such realism, sensitivity and compassion that you will be left no choice, but to be wrapped up in the whirlwind journey of Colin and Riley.

Colin and Riley coincidentally meet at a gas station. With Colin heading home to lick his wounds and bask in the comfort and familiarity of his hometown and family, Riley is running. Running far, running wide, running with the hope of new beginnings, spiritual awakenings and freedom. Together they embark on an unfamiliar journey filled with an explosion of lust, love, uncertainty, hesitation and heartache.

As they acknowledge their attraction and explore their chemistry, their lives outside the road trip bubble starts to seep in and as the truth finds it’s way to the surface, we witness the true definition and destruction of self-loathing. With one man finding it difficult to survive, the other is struggling on how to make it all better. Together they will try and tackle their demons, with the intention to prove that love really is enough.

Focus on me is honest and raw and shows the true complexities of life. With no filters and no unrealistic processing, we are taken on a journey where our levels of empathy will soar, in order to understand the true difficulties and possible triumphs of living with a mental illness and loving someone with a mental illness.

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