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Andrew is from Southern California, he is a total book nerd and would describe himself as a book blogger, random flailer, YA writer and big dreamer. Whilst being in his Sophomore Year in High School, he is currently plotting/word-building his first Fantasy Novel/Potential Series.Andrew loves all things books and  I love all things books and PUNNY… LOL (no-one get it?). He thinks he is awkward, which translates into him being what people would class as funny.
He hopes to one day be living in New York and working in a publishing house… That’s his plan anyway!!
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Today on Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books we are excited to have Drew from Andrew’s Endlessly Reading review his most recent read; Extraordinary Means by Robin Schneider
Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider gave me all the feels and by the end of the book, I found myself tearing up. You could say she’s written another great book, but in my opinion, Extraordinary Means is far better. It’s warm and cuddly and serious-in fictional means, about what could be-and all together heartbreaking. It’s a story about second chances, first love and living the life you should be living.

Told in duo points of view, Lane and Sadie have their own original voices that seem to lift from the pages. I could hear them, I felt like I was just part of their crew. Lane, in a way, is me as I felt with Sadie. Lane is smart and at times uptight. Before Latham house, he pushed himself to be the second in his graduating class but something about the way he got there struck me. It was a certain thing he said that really got to me. Sadie is lovable from the start. Both sarcastic and reckless, she’s definitely a character that will grow with you.
With Lane and Sadie having known each other from a summer camp just a couple years back, the romance wasn’t rushed. It was a slow burn and sprang just at the right moment. The relationship that blooms between the two gave them something to hang on to, something to distract them from the death that was slowly feeding from them.
Robyn Schneider has taken Contemporary YA, infused ‘What if’ and has placed it in our world. What if there was an incurable disease like TB. The ending was strong and freaking had me cringing because i didn’t want it to end. I mean i felt enough heartbreak but i want to crawl into the book and hug every one of them, cry with them. But not to spoil anything, i won’t go any further. Hopefully you’ve read this and have added this to your TBR on Gr or have gathered every last cent and rushed out to your local bookstore because- just do. IT’S A MUST!