Becoming Rain

Becoming Rain Small

K.A. Tucker

Becoming Rain is the second installment of The Burying Water Series by K.A. Tucker, and if you loved the first book there are no words to describe the adoration you will have for the second book.

Once again Tucker does not disappoint; her writing does nothing but flourish and excel with each story, as each book turns out to be even better than the last. Becoming Rain is much faster paced then Burying Water and this solidifies the intensity and the different dynamics that are present within this book.

Continuing the exploration of the underworld we are reintroduced to Luke Boone. As we follow him on his journey towards maturity and experience, we see a young man who is determined to show his worth and his loyalty, regardless of the cost. Submerging herself into Luke’s life as a lady named Rain, we watch Clara Bertelli; an undercover police officer, try and understand the choices Luke makes and to try and decipher the mystery that is Luke Boone.

With the intention to do her job, Clara finds herself in a state of confusion and is overwhelmingly impressed by Luke. All the while oblivious to Clara’s agenda, Luke begins to fall for the mysterious Rain. With seriousness and the danger of the underworld as their background, Rain and Luke attempt a relationship. But as it is filled with lies, secrecy and an unprecedented amount of vulnerability, the reader’s heart will be palpitating anticipating the worst but, praying for the best.

In Becoming Rain, K.A. Tucker continues her theme of a forbidden romance and with her powerful words, she conjures up a sense of empathy that stays with the reader, enhancing the positivity of their whole reading experience.

‘”The world needs Rain”