#TalkShitThursday & #BookBlogAdvice


First lets discuss #TalksShitThursday and how it was an EPIC fail.

First of all I am posting this on a Friday morning (Australian Time), therefore I am immediately stuffing around with the idea and couldn’t commit. If I can’t commit, how do I expect others to?

Secondly I probably didn’t promote it as much as I should’ve? Or did I?

It is really hard to know this as a new blogger. The questions that float around are always of the same nature.

Have I done enough? Is my blog just not as popular as it needs to be?

Is this a reflection on me?

And then there is the “Oh well fuck it!” that comes later on

There is also the ridiculous and annoying time zone issue that I am constantly facing and probably didn’t think through very well when organizing and will honestly become a MASSIVE deterrent in the future, (If I ever try to ‘create’ anything again).

With all these thoughts floating through my mind it brought be to the next phase of this post.

Does this bother me? Am I genuinely concerned/upset? What can I/should I be doing to ensure this doesn’t happen next time or at the very least, I am not left with the possibility of feeling deflated about my blog.

 I created this blog to give me something enjoyable to do, to step away from all my daily duties and do something that whole heartedly represented me. I wanted to immerse myself into the bookish community that accepts me for my love of books. Popularity doesn’t/shouldn’t matter, BUT every now and then you have this niggling voice in the back of your head that makes you feel not good enough, it makes you second guess all your decisions and starts to infiltrate the relationship between you and your blog.

I am basically a newborn when it comes to blogging and it is sad that I have already found the need to remind myself that this is fun, not a competition, popularity contest, and ALL about the books. In saying that, this is not any indication that the book blogging community has made me feel like this. These are my own personal insecurities. So when i found this AMAZING post by Debby from Snuggly Oranges called State of The Blog I felt renewed and understood and it definitely put things in perspective.

Which then brings me to the final and my favourite part of this post.


The above hashtag has been floating around over the last few days thanks to seasoned bloggers wanting to share their wisdom with new bloggers. It then evolved into everyone contributing with thoughts and advice. IT WAS AMAZING!! A week full of sweet sentiment, words of comfort and encouragement all around. Any fears and concerns I had were supported or I was given ways to eradicate that train of thought from my mind. #BookBlogAdvice has once again reminded me why i love blogging about books and why I love that there are so many people who share this love. I have met, talked to, followed blogs etc. of so many diverse book lovers, that my life is better because of my blog.

So in conclusion, I’m not upset that #TalkShitThursday didn’t take off. People are always welcome to share in the things that I love, but I know now that blogging is about me and anything positive along the way is a bonus and not expected, nor am I entitled. But for now, I will continue to Talk (and post) shit on Thursdays.

Much Love



3 thoughts on “#TalkShitThursday & #BookBlogAdvice

  1. readwritelove28 says:

    I am so sorry that TalkShitThursday didn’t take off. If I can be honest? I actually didn’t know that you were starting a feature like that. If I would have known, I would have tried to help you promo it or something like that! So please feel free to reach out whenever you try something like that again. Also, I really love this post because I connect to it. I am a new blogger as well (even though most people don’t think that I am). And honestly? That’s a compliment, but it also puts some pressure on me. After all, if no one knows that I’m new, then that means that I have to make sure that all of my ideas are fully coherant and planned out haha. I think that the words that you wrote in this post were absolutely perfect. From one newbie to another, I think that your blog is AWESOME. 🙂

    • beautedelivres says:

      Hi, thanks so much for your comment. No need to stress about it not taking off – it’s the way things work out sometimes.
      You are so right, I would never think you’re a new blogger. But regardless your committed & it shows in everything you do. I’m really glad you like the blog. Come and visit any time.

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