Point of No Return


By: Olivia Luck

Point of No Return is a standalone in The Point series written by Olivia Luck. Unfortunately I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading anything by Olivia Luck before this and that really is my biggest disappointment. Reading Point of No Return made me want to devour everything else Luck has ever written and sit and wait patiently for anything she publishes in the future.

Point of No Return is a love story that is so genuine and honest; the authenticity between the two main characters will have you feeling complete, content and whole-heartedly satiated. With Luck’s attention to detail, she single-handedly breathes life into this heart-warming story. Capturing the essence of both characters with her words and descriptions, Luck has the readers attention at all times.

The story focuses on Chicago’s hottest and extremely successful hockey player Cameron Stone. Cam plays for the Scrapers and is one of Chicago’s most eligible bachelors; at the peak of his career, with the whole world at his feet, Cameron is feeling empty and hollow. As he decides that he needs to find something to fill the void, Cam is questioning his future and wondering what or whom it could be to make it all complete.

We then meet Violet Harper, recently married to Max, her dream man. Three months into her marriage, with the death of her husband, her world is turned upside down. The future she envisioned for herself is suddenly blurry, unclear and very much non-existent. Losing her heart, soul and essence of her future, Harper is left feeling like vacant, bare and despondent. Her former self is only something she can reminisce about, because Harper is certain there is no light at the end of her tunnel.

A year after Max’s death Violet is realizing that she can no longer be the shadow of her former self. With a little help from her friends, determined to kick-ass, Violet is being commissioned to be the Chicago Scrapers’ new Event Planner. The same Chicago Scrapers that the very hot and single Cameron Stone plays for…

Being thrown together to ensure maximum success on the Scrapers Charity event, we start to witness the beginning of an amazing love story. As the story keeps a steady and realistic pace, the reader becomes a bystander in this tug of war of emotions between Violet and Cam.

Individually they are both grappling with the wrongs and rights of their situation. As Violet conjures up all the reasons they can never been together, Cam insists that there is no one else for him.

“You’re not ready for me yet. But when you are, I will be here waiting for you. My heart is wide open, Violet. It always has and always will be.”

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