#TalkShitThursday Prelude – Are you a book snob?


A #TalkShitThursday Prelude

Are You a Book Snob?

Ok, so there are two ways that this post can go but instead of planning I am just going to type and just hope for the best.

Being a dedicated reader way before I was a blogger I would (and still do) tell everyone “I will read anything”. BUT my need for a Happy Ever After (HEA) and a love story occasionally keeps me from branching out. I was obviously aware that there are different genres but wasn’t necessarily aware of different groupings within the blogging community.

I can speak only for myself and base this post on my own experiences.

I love being surrounded by so many books, so many genres, book releases discussions, themes, characters, and authors, the list is endless. This has been THE highlight of my book blogging experience. I have loved using social media to engage/follow with other readers, bloggers and authors. Everyone is pleasantly different and interesting it makes the whole process that much more exciting.


I have one concern.

There seems to be an amount of, what I have labeled “book snobbery”.

Book snobbery occurs by people who prefer a certain genre and then are vocal about their disdain for other genres and books that do not fit onto their TO BE READ list.

Firstly, I want to say THIS IS NOT OK.

You are being extremely disrespectful when you dismiss or insult a book. Besides the fact that you are making other readers feel inferior and ashamed of their own choices you are diminishing the effort and hard work that has been put into this body of work by the Author.

I want to be specific and say this post is not relative to bloggers tagging authors in their bad reviews or insulting an author’s novel. The aim of this post is to concentrate on when the book community mainly bloggers and readers (and occasionally other authors) contribute to making other readers or bloggers feel ashamed of their book/genre choices.

There are many reasons as to why people read what they read. There are people that want an escape, there are people that love to have a fantasy or paranormal experience. There are others that read to educate and people who read to promote certain agendas. The reasons are endless and the common factor that WE ALL LOVE READING is what should band us together.

The world is already filled with such segregation and shaming we don’t need to bring that animosity and negativity into our book-blogosphere. What one reads does not determine or give anyone any indication of the type of person they are.

If I read love stories or books with a lot of sex I AM NOT SEX OBSESSED

If I read a book with predictable story lines, THAT DOES NOT MEAN I AM SHALLOW

If I am an adult and I read middle grade or young adult books THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME

If I read books that do not focus on diversity IT DOES NOT MEAN I DON’T CARE ABOUT DIVERSITY.

I could go on about this for ages and give many examples of how my book choices reflect my love for reading, they do not mean that one can judge and assume they know anything about me, based on that one fact

I believe it would do us all good if once a week we read something out of our comfort zones. It says more about you. If you try to appreciate things outside your own book world bubble, you will be able to see the multi – dimensions of the book world, is something that needs to be congratulated and acknowledged.

We should be honored to be able to share in the journey and the happiness of all these authors, irrelevant of their genre. Their work needs to be acknowledged and appreciated & above all we should all feel safe to read and promote the book of our choice.

Let’s be mindful to not turn the blogosphere into something that breeds hate, confusion, and embarrassment.

Let this be our refue

Much Love



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