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By: Rachel Van Dyke

I received these copies from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


Before reading this book I had read the Ruin Series by this Author and was completely blown away. The characters and the story lines were so deep, complex and interesting. Each book in the series brought about its own tears, laughter, drama and happy ever after.

Therefore when I saw these books written by the same author I immediately gravitated towards them. I will admit to not knowing what they were about. What I did do was judge this book by it’s cover, I saw a boy and girl kissing and assumed it was a New Adult love story. I know they say never judge a book by its cover… but I did and feel like the cover was 100% misleading.

The Consequence of Loving Colton is a love story between childhood friends Colton and Milo. The book is split into two perspectives however the majority of the chapters are assigned to Milo.

As Milo returns to her childhood home for her brother’s wedding, she is not only thrown into the chaos that is, the wedding preparations, she is dealing with her life long battle of ‘avoid Colton at all costs because I am hopelessly in love with him’… Sounds easy? Wrong!!!

From beginning to end the book is full of awkward scenarios between Milo and Colton, trying to figure out whether or not their feelings for each other are real or misguided due to a lifelong friendship.

Not only does the book focus on Milo and Colton but it also introduces Reid, Max & Jason. The problem with this book being the beginning of a series is that the introduction of secondary characters is essential, but here it just seems more like a competition of who is funnier. I felt that having so many large personalities with intertwining and intricate story lines took the spotlight away from Milo and Colton and we were unable to see their love story flourish to it’s full potential.

Ultimately, I know there will be books about these other characters and Dyken’s only intention is to introduce each of them to the reader, with the purpose, being that we become familiar with each person and their personalities. This is quite normal, however what I found to be the biggest challenge in this book, is that each character had a very funny, large and boisterous personality, which in the Consequence of Loving Colton meant that the humour overshadowed any sweet and romantic moments between Milo and Colton.

In conclusion, I did not hate this book. My issues with this book are irrelevant to the fact that as a book with the intent to be funny – it succeeds. Its light-hearted and a great read to pick you up when you are feeling down. With copious amounts of one liners and hilarious banter – it is literary comedy.


The second installment to the Consequence Series was The Consequence of Revenge and I can whole-heartedly say that I enjoyed it. There is a significant difference between the first and the second book. Unlike the first book the second book sincerely focuses on the two main characters and all other secondary characters do not over step their mark into main character territory.

If this installment is anything to go by then I can safely say the rest of the series is sure to be a successful mash up of comedy and romance.

The second book follows Max, Milo’s best friend from Book 1 – As he wallows in his hole of self-pity; with no job, no girlfriend and very few friends. It seems that Milo, Jason and Colt are all concerned about the path down, which Max is heading and decide to intervene. And by intervene, I mean sign him up for a reality TV show equivalent to the Bachelor but on an Island.

As it is revealed that all of Max’s friends have gone behind his back, forging documents and making videos, doing anything bar selling their souls to the devil, in order to get Max on this show and on the island. Max is finally revealed the truth and he is summoned to begin his journey on the island.

With so much trepidation and hesitation Max, is extremely suspicious of whether or not this will be beneficial to him. That is until he sees Becca; his local Barista; only then is he sure he’s made the right decision.

Becca is on the Island because she needs the prize money, to assist with student loans. What she doesn’t expect is to see the guy who is a customer at the coffee shop she works at, who is always trying to pick her up with lame pick up lines. Even more shocking is that she never imagined liking him.

The book equally alternates between Max and Becca’s perspective, having the perfect balance of humor and romance. The reader gets to follow the evolution of their feelings and emotions. From friends to lovers… ?

As both contend with the difficulties of being on the show, we witness two people have very real life struggles on their hands. Even though the whole book is laced with sarcasm and humor. There are very real and relatable obstacles facing Max and Becca, the question is will their spark be enough for them to come out with a happily ever after at the end?

The Consequence of Revenge continues with the light-hearted theme of the series and successfully makes one laugh with the witty banter between characters. The even spotlight both comedy and romance is given is the redeeming quality of this book. Once again Rachel Van Dyken, shows her skills and talents, whilst mastering the ability to write different genres.