The Undergrad Years – Review for XO, Blake + Giveaway


By: Avery Aster 

The Undergrad Years, is a book series that contains four short stories put together to introduce us to a friendship group like no other. This group of four friends has a bond like no other; stronger then family and even thicker then blood, Avery Aster introduces us to his very own, creatively crafted version of New York socialite royalty. It’s here we meet Lex, Taddy, Blake & Vive. Introducing all characters, with their own signature titles for one another (BFF, VBF, GBF) we are drawn into a world that deals with parental issues, financial struggle and sexual exploration, along side a substantial dose of humor and we are left with no other option but to be intrigued.

These books cover background into how each person met and quickly identifies their insecurities/weaknesses. Each character is on a journey into adulthood, their own special way. In all three books, the focus on sexual exploration is significant. Leaving out any embarrassment or shame for wanting or knowing about sex is eliminated in this series and honestly makes it a breath of fresh air. Whilst all characters may be holding on to “Lady V” their knowledge and sexual exploration is not limited, ultimately serving a greater purpose when they need to decide what in their lives is good for them.

My only fault is, yes, it is true each book seems a little bit too short and by the time you are well and truly invested into these characters Aster decides the book must come to an end.

But thinking of the bigger picture Avery Aster ensures you’re needs are important and will be met. Releasing The Manhattanites gives us full length stand alone novels to continue the extreme, dramatic and tremendously entertaining shenanigans of the original Undergrads,



RELEASE DAY: 9th JUNE 2015  

XO, Blake is my favourite Undergrad Year so far (there is only one more to go), we get to meet the sweet, sensitive and sexy Blake Morgan III. Blake is the Gay Best Friend in the entourage that is the Undergrad’s. He is fiercely honest and will protect his girls to the death. We learn that Blake has dyslexia, which has hindered his positive school experiences, as well as being attacked physically, mentally and emotionally due to his homosexuality. Even though Blake has the most supportive and accepting parents out of the group we are still left wondering if Blake will finally find his place in this world, being wholeheartedly comfortable on his journey.

“Son, that three syllable word seems might big for something which isn’t that much of a deal. Being a homosexual is no different than being heterosexual, you just like dudes, is all.”

 With Blake at college we follow him on his journey of lust, whilst exploring his sexuality.

“The longer Diego’s eyes rested on mine, my feelings for him intensified. I wanted to run over to him… and say, “I’m gonna fuck you” But I didn’t. Hell to the no. I was wicked nervous.”

 Whilst on this journey, as the previous books, Blake’s reality is shaken up. People are hurt and life is changing so quickly, he can barely keep up. However, unexpectedly, amongst all this chaos Blake finds his attraction to Diego, escalating to the point of combustion. With Diego crosses off a few firsts and explores his sexuality. Enjoying every minute of it.

“I didn’t know who I was or what the frick I was doing, It was as if I was having an out-of-body experience. I was no longer Blake Morgan III… No! I was guapo, the raging dominant and soon-to-be top aficionado of all things ass.”

XO, Blake is an honest, hilarious and extremely sexy coming of age story. Being able to meet Blake, when he’s all grown up is what makes the ending a little bit easier to bear.



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