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It’s Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) again. And thanks to the girls at The Broke and the Bookish this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Books I would Like to see as movies/TV shows…

It’s a good one, but leaves me conflicted because I almost never enjoy any book to movie adaptations… Any who let’s pretend that I will have full creative control if these titles become movies/tv shows.

10 Books I plan on seeing on the TV or on the BIG Screen.

1.  I would love to see the Crossfire Series as movies. I enjoyed these books immensely as the characters had depth and were bound together by serious issues in their past that I think would’ve been a good plot in a movie.

2. Tara Sivec’s Sweets and Seduction Series and Chocolate Lovers Series. You have never read anything funnier in you’re life and because it follows two best friends, their lives, marriages and then their children and their lives it would be an awesome TV show.

3. J.A. Redmerski’s In the Company of Killers would be a great movie series. It is basically a better, more intense, more serious and hotter version of Mr and Mrs Smith. And it even follows other characters that are even more sexier and more exhilarating then the last.

4. Krista and Becca’s Addiction/Calloway Sisters Series will be a great TV show. In the book they are part of a reality TV show and it’s described so well that I basically want life to imitate art.

5. Any K.A. Tucker book will be a great movie because she has GREAT story lines.

6. Brightside by Kim Holden – Needs to be a movie because the world needs to cry as much as I did, when I read the book.

7. Any Tarryn Fisher book – seriously heavy psychological drama/thriller; perfect ingredients for a movie.

8. Abbi Glines’ Sea Breeze Series. It would be a great summer TV show. Conveying happiness, love and NA trials, tribulations and experiences.

9. I feel bad but I am pulling on strings to figure out these last two… Let’s go with a continuation of all Nicholas Spark’s novels.

10. And if any of you have read any Jodi Picoult, she is an amazing author & her story lines have such significant depth that a movie would need to work so hard to portray everyone correctly.

It got harder after number 6 and I went brain dead at 8.  I think I made a good choice with my books ( I tried anyway). Like I said if I have all creative control, they will be awesome.

Let’s hope to see at least one of these ideas come to fruition and if they never become movies well people go read them.

Much Love

V xx

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