This is the post I have been dying to write and something just kept interrupting me.

So what is #TalkShitThursday?

I have had an idea to start a meme/feature called #TalkShitThursday.

I know, it is extremely well mannered of me.

The idea of #TalkShitThursday is that once a week you write a post on a topic of your choice (it doesn’t have to relate to books but most certainly can). Your post will be/can be about personal experience, something that has gone on in the media, a recipe, discussing music – there are no limits*.

*Please be wary, if anything that may be offensive or inappropriate is linked up to Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books, it will be removed.

I will aim to work out a link thing (not sure of any technical term) where you are more then welcome to link your post to Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books. My only request is that you mention Beaute’ De Livres- Beauty of Books with a link to my homepage.

Ok, on to the next part.

I hope to take all topics/posts each month and use them as ideas for a monthly #TalkShitThursday Twitter Party/Chat. Each month at a designated time, using the #TalkShitThursday, It is here that I hope we can all come together and show off our personalities, make new friends and be merry. 

I also want it to be known you do not need to be a blogger to participate in the twitter chat. Everybody is welcome Booklovers, Authors, mothers, brothers and friends – EVERYONE!

I hope this is something you would be interested in and would love for you to join.

It will not start till the 25th June.

To kick off #TalkShitThursday, we will be having a Twitter Party/Chat on the 25th June as it coincides with my Birthday weekend.

Details of time & topic will be posted closer to the date.

Much Love



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