It’s my Birthday in June, so Awesome it shall be!!

Ok Lovers,

Let’s run through what June has to offer. As this is my first post relating to what the month has to offer let me explain what this post will cover.

Firstly, I will let you know that my Pre-Order page is up & ready to be viewed with all the titles that are going to be released this month. I will aim to put one up every month, in sync with the ‘What’s On this Month’ Post.

A note regarding my pre-order page. This is a VERY small portion of how many books are actually being released everyday. I have chosen the books based on whether or not I personally would read and/or review them. All titles are in chronological order of release date; only problem is I didn’t write what the dates were… You can work it out right?LOL

Now, that that is out of the way lets continue..

1. This week When Sky Meets Sea is on sale & I will be leaving daily reminders for you all to buy this awesome book 

2. Beaute’ De Livres is participating in The Undergrad Years Blog Tour, so expect to see a bit of promo and reviews over the next week.

3. There will be A Top Ten Tuesday each week of June courtesy to Broke And Bookish 

4. I will be conducting (and hopefully posting this month) an interview with the amazing Dahlia Adler (YA and NA Author, Blogger at the Daily Dahlia) regarding Diversity in Books and Our Role as the reader – how should we be contributing to diversity? 

5. OF COURSE there will be book reviews. Not all titles have been confirmed but here are some that will 100% be up by the end of the month 

Dahlia Adler – Under the Lights (will include book 1 review also)

Olivia Luck – Point of No Return

Abbi Glines – When You’re Back

Leah Thomas – Because You’ll Never Meet Me

Avery Aster – Xo, Blake

6. Lastly, but most importantly is Beaute’ De Livres’ debut with it’s new weekly segment  #TalkShitThursday (please click for detailed info). Hopefully it is something that everyone enjoys and can freely participate in.

That seems to be all that is happening this month. I think.. I will be on Twitter for the rest of my life (serious addiction) so I will keep everyone posted.

Much Love



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