Character Chatting and Blogging

Today’s BEA post will discuss two things relevant to readers and bloggers.

Characters & Blogging.

 First, lets talk characters. Instead of choosing a favourite character or couple I am going to write this post from a general perspective.

 I am horrible at picking my favourite of anything. I live my life putting things in groups, which then assists me, when I need to make those real hard decisions. Therefore, it is no different when it comes to books.

 I usually categorise characters based on their most redeeming qualities, and then how they impacted me, and my perception of the story. For me, characters are everything. I know some people like to focus on the writing (which is important), the book flow and story line etc. but characters and dialogue between characters is everything to me. All characters, main or secondary contribute to the story line. If all characters, encourage you to empathise with them and conjure up the necessary emotions needed to become one with the story line – then for me, that character is perfect.

 I am a cliché junkie. Nothing warms my heart more then a happily ever after. I often feel incomplete if there isn’t one and it explains my serious addictions to books that are a series. I am NEVER ready to let the characters go, so when I get a chance to follow them through college, boyfriend, marriage, children, death… why wouldn’t I?

 All in all, as much as there are books and characters that will always leave a lasting impression. I will continue to fall in love with someone new, with every new book I read… I just can’t help myself.

 Blogging – Oh how I love it!!!

 I’ve mentioned in my introductory post, that it has changed my life. I now have a life away from my everyday responsibilities, that allows for me to enjoy and enhance my hobby, which is reading.

 I use WordPress, which I love because their help-desk is unrivalled – literally helping me with EVERY single question I have ever asked them. If it weren’t for them I would have the ugliest site.

 When setting up my blog I wanted it to be a representation of my likes and dislikes, I have used Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’ and Google+ as my networking platforms but my biggest issue is maintaining true to myself and what I like, whilst not being a social media ‘whore’ in order to just be the best, most popular and fill followers feeds with all things me.

Does that make sense?

 My aim is for my blog to be me and for my networking to make friends – I know that sounds bizarre and might be even a little bit naïve but I want it to be a place where I can share my interests, thoughts, addictions, feelings and just like any friendship I want it to be a safe place of give and take.

 For me blogging is a way to express my love and gratefulness to the literary world for allowing me to share in its greatness.

 I don’t want the world to forget that you can learn so much from a book.

Much Love