Book to Movie Adaptations

For me this post isn’t going to be long at all. Simply put, I love and hate when books are made into movies. It is just one of those things for me where I start off with so much excitement, that a book that I’ve read and loved, is going to be shared with all the non-readers in the world… then after the dust settles I remember it never ends well for anyone.

 Unfortunately I am very rarely impressed when a book turns into a movie. I know I am not in the movie business but I cant seem to grasp how a lot of movies miss the most important details of the story when turning books into a movie. Is there something that I am missing?

 Don’t get me wrong, I want to appreciate the movie for the art form that it is but its so hard to not be critical – especially when you have ripped a favourite book of mine into shreds. I also think what hurts the most is that all these non-readers now have the wrong impression of something so great AND if I wasn’t already made fun of, for my reading habits, people will/are sure to start poking fun at this point.

 However I guess at this point I am also a hypocrite because as much as I whine about it, I almost always go to the movies and watch the movie – I always reread the book before the movie so I so I can judge (how horrible am !?) accordingly.

 Below are some photos of movies that are coming up or movies that I have not read the books to, and am waiting until, so I can watch the movie.


5 thoughts on “Book to Movie Adaptations

  1. Suzi Q., The Book Dame says:

    I love book to movie adaptions. I always enjoy seeing how a book comes together as a movie. Usually I like the books better, of course, but there are those rare times where I consistently like the move better, like with Stephen King’s work. I still have to see The Duff.
    It was nice getting to know your blog through ABEA.

  2. Leeswammes says:

    I’ve read Still Alice too and it’s wonderful. The film was so-so and the ending was… just no ending! Not worth watching, if you ask me.

    I loved My Before You (the book) but I didn’t know there is/will be a movie. Hmm, maybe I’ll go see it. Not sure.

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