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Hello #ArmchairBEA Bloggers

So, obviously I am not at BEA, but I live in Australia so the distance and price does make me feel better about not being able to go. After twitter offered some lovely words about the #ArmchairBEA I decided to join. Knowing it would be a good time for commiserations and will give us all non-attendees the ability to be merry together.

So let’s delve into these questions…

 Why do you love reading and blogging?

So, I am Vivian and my blog is Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books. It has only been up and running for a little under two months and I am LOVING every minute of it. I decided to start it, to give myself something enjoyable and productive to do, as well as reading. I have always been a reader, finishing up to 6 books a week. Reading has always been my thing, it is either something that I can relate to 100 % and becomes my saving grace because I know others are feeling/doing what I am, or it broadens my horizons and takes me to worlds that I have no access or understanding of. I am a social work (when I work) and it is my nature to relate and I feel like reading is just an extension of that trait that I possess.

My blog is still a working progress but regardless of all the technical stuff it has been my saving grace. I have really enjoyed the interaction with like-minded people and even more so it pushed my boundaries and me; on so many different levels. Most importantly it has allowed me extend on my book obsession. It has helped make me feel like there is more to me then being somebody’s wife, mother, sister and daughter. (ß That’s another topic for another day).

What is your theme song?

Really? Just one song?

I’m going to firstly say this year T-Swift is my Home Girl and she’s given me many theme songs this year. But my life theme song would have to be Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons. Just so you know, you could ask me tomorrow and the answer would be different.

 What does diversity mean to you?

I like this question but don’t really want to discuss all my answers/thoughts – then I’ll just sound repetitive later on LOL. In the most simplest of terms diversity to me means everything and I mean everything. It means all the things you can think of in the world. Every person, every race, every sexual orientation, every religion and on an even simpler level, every food, every thought, a piece of music, a book… The list is endless

 What is one book everyone should read?

 Again, with the questions that are impossible to give one answer to. Let me think…

I don’t like this question – I am going to say the Harry Potter Series, NOT because they are my favourite, but rather they are the best example of how books speak to people of any age and also how the books are timeless. They will be loved always – there is no expiration date.

 Share your favourite blog post on your blog.

 My favourite blog post is one I wrote recently called

To All Who Are Different… We Are The Same

 I had recently read some Novella’s that focused on transgender characters and it changed my life… it is that simple.

 What is your favourite genre and why?


I gravitate towards New Adult/ Contemporary Romance but also love me some Young Adult. I like the story lines in both and I love keeping up with the thoughts and social change that is present in story lines.

I am a sucker for a Happy Ending and as you get older that turns into smut with a happy ending. 🙂

 Thanks for the time to share

Much Love

V xx

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