Nowhere But Here


By: Katie McGarry

Nowhere But Here is McGarry’s first installment of the Thunder Road Series. After writing the amazing Pushing the Limits series, McGarry has proved that she is one to watch out for when it comes to Young Adult Contemporary Romance novels and Nowhere But Here, the Thunder Road Series’ debut novel, solidifies that she can do no wrong.

 Nowhere But Here is a strong introduction to the people of Thunder Road; members and family of motorcycle club Reign of Terror. Through strong willed main characters and significant dynamics/relationships between secondary characters, McGarry allows the concepts of the story; Love, Loyalty and Family, to shine. McGarry’s story telling skills are exceptional. Her ability to pace the book, put enough detail in, without making the book too long and successfully make every character relatable are just some of the details as to why this book will be a s success.

The story centers around two main characters. Firstly there is Emily, a young woman living with her mother and adoptive father in Florida. Finishing off school and getting ready for her future, Emily is taken by surprise when she is told her biological grandmother, Olivia has passed away and her biological father would like her to attend the funeral. For Emily her once a year shopping trip with her father is more then enough time to spend with one another. Believing that he abandoned her and her mother, when it mattered the most. Determined to maintain a distance, Emily allows her adoptive dad to coerce her into getting to know her biological family and going to the funeral is the best way to start.

“Being curious would mean that I don’t appreciate all Dad has done for me and I do appreciate him. I love him more than he could imagine.” 

The second main character is Oz, an eighteen year old who has been raised on Thunder Road and is determined to become a member of The Reign of Terror no matter what. Living a completely different life to that of Emily, Oz is reeling from the emotion and familial expectation associated with Olivia, her sickness and inevitably her death. When Emily comes to town, Oz sees her as an inconvenience to his wonderfully constructed family; The Reign of Terror.

“I wish Emily had remained the illegitimate daughter that disappeared and never returned.” 

Without warning Emily’s visit to Thunder Road becomes a catalyst for unexpected events. Throwing into chaos the lives of everybody who means something to Oz.

Begrudgingly Emily is required to stay at Thunder Road, without her mum and dad and unwillingly Oz has to become her shadow. Being thrown together with no end in sight, Emily and Oz realize to get what they want they need to cooperate. Unexpectedly they form a friendship that evolves into something more. With young love blossoming, Emily and Oz navigate slowly through the hurdles that face them both, in the name of Reign of Terror.

“I lied to you.”


“At the pond, when I said that I liked you… I more than like you 

“I also like you – maybe more than like too.”

Establishing their feelings for one another, Emily and Oz do their best to hide their feelings from everybody else. But the world has other plans. With so much drama and heartache, Emily and Oz’s lives are thrown into chaos. Being forced to make real choices about love, loyalty and family, Emily and Oz’s relationship will be tested.

Will their plans for the future be obvious?

Will they remain together?

Will their lives, expectations and future be able to sustain the confusion and commotion; that is Thunder Road?

“You’re Emily. The girl who stormed into my world and changed it forever.” 

“In a bad way.”

“In a great way” 

“I don’t know how to wrap my head around all this.” 

I don’t’ either 

“Promise we’ll be okay.” 

“I promise.”

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