Coffee Date


By: K. Lynn

“May you become the person you were always meant to be” 

I came across this novella and was immediately intrigued by its description. Living in a day and age where the Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans (LGBT) community is quite large, I was desperate to see the angle that the book would take. Today’s LGBT community has more support than anyone could have ever imagined, but unfortunately, as a society we have a long way to go, to reduce the gap.

I hoped that this novella would educate me on things I didn’t know about the transgender community. But what I didn’t expect was to get emotional, have my heart strings tugged at and be left wanting so much more of these characters, because a short novella was just not cutting it.

The book introduces you to Alice, who for a period of time in the story is only known to the reader as Alice. As the story progresses we find out that Alice used to be Al, she is now transgender, going through the transitioning process and doing her best to forget about the trauma that her past has inflicted.

Alice is determined to give herself a happy and beautiful future, with or without love – Alice is determined to not be miserable.

Then Alice meets Hank… Hank seeks her out at every opportunity he can. Using determination and charm Hank wins Alice over. As time passes and they fall in love with one another, Alice still hasn’t told him of her past and is now at the point where she knows anything she says will ruin what they have.

Alice tells Hank of her past and reveals that her transition is not yet finished, meaning there are still parts of her that are connected to her old identity and like she expected he is hurt, shocked and confused. Inevitably they break up and are both left heart broken and in despair, Alice wholeheartedly believes she is not destined for a happy ever after.

During an unexpected run in Hank and Alice lay their feelings out in the open realizing they are both not ready for their relationship to end. Against all odds Hank reveals to Alice he isn’t upset about Alice being trans but rather his past insecurities allowed him to get upset about the fact that Alice lied to him. Alice forgives him for his harsh words when he was angry and together they decide to carve out a future together.

“I’m not asking for forgiveness but if we mean anything to each other, I think we should sit down and talk this out before we say goodbye. 

I wanted to get to know you, and I fell in love with that person. Labels shouldn’t matter 

“We’re going to make it work. I believe in us.”

This book is just a sliver of a revelation for what people that are trans are going through each and every day. And unfortunately due to miscommunication, ill informed people and social stigma a happy ending, like Alice and Hank is not very common.

K.Lynn’s ability to write and bring this issue forward, gives us hope that readers will embrace her words and make it a priority in the every day lives to broaden our thoughts and perceptions and give hope to the future we live in; that outcomes like that of Alice and Hank will not be a minority but rather the norm.

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