A Boy Called Cin


By: Cecil Wilde 

I came across this novella/book by accident. As I was sitting on my computer requesting a million ARC’s off NetGalley, I read the book description and thought; this sounds good…

This book was beyond good. This book is one of those finds, where there are not enough positive words to capture the true feeling I have towards this book. From the first chapter Wilde immediately grabs your attention and drags your heart and emotions into a world where you have never been before. She opens up your eyes to a life that not everyone may have been exposed to but should definitely be aware of.

Wilde introduces us to the two main characters of the story, Cin and Tom. Cin is a college art student who is transgender, identifying as a man instead of a women. Whilst trying to navigate his way through college, as well as dealing with the challenges he faces in society, he meets Tom. Tom is a forty-year-old man, a famous billionaire who seeks Sin out after meeting him at College, where he was doing a guest lecture.

Both men succumb to their mutual attraction to one another and as they both deal with their own individual insecurities, the both realize they have more in common, then not.

Together both men create a safe space for one another, indulging in the most authentic, honest and non-judgmental relationship. Something both men did not expect. Erasing any societal stigma or shame, they work through and positively grow on their journey of gender dysphoria, gender reassignment & feeling genderqueer.

Wilde describes their challenges, their heartache and their love with such a unique flow of words; it allows us to bear witness to two people who really show the true definition of soul mates. Wilde solidifies the message that gender, labeling or physical features are not necessarily important, when it comes to the matters of the heart.

The Boy Called Cin is an amazing and informative exploration of diversity in literature and in life.

“You are certainly not required to repay me for a base level of compassion and understanding that should exist in everyone in the world.”