By: Fisher Amelie

Writing this review took a few days. I had to calm myself down from the tumultuous emotional roller-coaster ride; that is Fury. It was a journey of so many feelings, that it was impossible to not be left raw and vulnerable after reading. You will not only be on the edge of your seat, but your heart will be beating profusely, trying to claw its way out of our chest, whilst your brain tries to catch up to the agglomeration of unnamed sentiments that Amelie makes you feel. Fisher Amelie’s writing is what makes this book so different from many others. Amelie’s story line captures the essence of life; the good, the bad and the very, very ugly. Her writing is four-dimensional. Not only does she bring the story to life, with each word but she breathes life into her characters like nobody else. The threads between character and reader are woven so delicately, to create the perfect balance of contradiction; a story filled with the right about of happy and sad, it leads to the perfect ending.

 “Ethan Moonsong is Fury and Finlay Dyer is Love”

Ethan has recently been left by his Fiancé’ and in order to endure the heartbreak, Ethan spends his days in bed and his nights drinking himself into oblivion. All his other thoughts are consumed with rage and fury towards his past relationship, the way it ended and what that means for future Ethan. All Ethan wants to do is wallow and he has no plans to remove himself from the dark abyss he resides in. Until a chance encounter has him bumping into a “friend” from high school – Finley Dyer.

Finley is not your typical girl next door. She has lived a life that would bring grown men to their knees. She has shed many tears and patched up her broken heart more times then she can count. But right now in her life, she is ready to set her sights on a brighter future, one that will give her peace. And it is with these sentiments she sweeps Ethan up in her whimsical aura of beauty, and together they forge a bond that is impenetrable.

“Finley Dyer was as selfless and brave individual as I could imagine, and even though I could tell shed only tapped the surface of her past, of her tortured soul, she wasn’t going to let the past define her.”

“Ethan you can choose to hope or you can choose to fear. Fear is crippling disease. It takes over and paralyzes. Hope bolsters, motivates. People who fear, die. People, who hope, live. Even in death they live.”

Ethan and Finley begin a friendship like no other; they complement each other in every way, creating their own world full of their strengths and flaws.

“We weren’t occupied with anything other than being in one another’s company. We never needed to explain ourselves because we wanted nothing more from one another other than to care for each other, to rely on each other, to regard one another as the only person who truly understood us.”

Their unrivalled connection takes them half way across the world to Vietnam where together they become entrenched in a world so different and foreign to their own; the experiences are devastating. What they witness leaves them so hollow and empty, that, they lean on one another to bring back to life their heavy hearts. They tread through murky waters and push their own boundaries of what is right and wrong. Bound together, they do their best to bring light and happiness to a very dire situation.

To get to the end of this harrowing journey, Ethan and Finley, will be exposed to more danger and horror than their mind could have ever conjured up. Their relationship will be tested and their future will be questioned.

Regardless of the obstacles, hand in hand, we witness them navigate one another through the most pure, honest, untainted, unselfish love stories you will ever read about.

“We were kismet, a gift from the heavens above left to stumble about all those years until that altogether healing declaration, that single utterance. It was a phrase so many humans expressed, but I knew differently of it. I knew a side of it no one else had seen. Because we had pitched that creed at one another’s feet hoping the other would scrape up the holy words, damaged, bent and marred by the pasts we carried through they were, and tend to the declaration with a devotion and service only we would have been able to lend them. He safeguarded mine and I safeguarded his.”

“We, together, were as settled a conclusion as the rising and falling of the sun.”

 “Ethan Moonsong is Fury and Finlay Dyer is Love”

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Note: This book is #3 in the Seven Deadly series but all books of this series can be read as standalones.