By Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

Hunted is the second book in the Sinners trilogy. The long wait for the Branded follow up was well worth it and once again Ketner and Kalicicki did not disappoint. Ketner and Kalicicki shine as writers, creating the most amazing visuals, allowing the reader to whole heartedly be immersed in this story and connect effortlessly with the fast paced and action packed nature, that is Hunted.

“The air is thick with dust and death.”

Hunted begins with Cole & Lexi living life on the run. There are wanted posters of them and their friends everywhere and it seems that the head of powers at the Hole will not rest until they have captured everyone; especially Lexi. It seems at every turn there is somebody looking for them, with a one track mind focused on capture or death. As Cole and Lexi use all their strength and resources to constantly fight for their freedom, it seems like life is an endless loop of unfortunate events.

As we know the origins of Cole and Lexi’s love story, we also are made aware of the fact that unfortunately the past is a ghost in their relationship. Making it hard to move forward, feel safe and trust one another. Their relationship is dealing with dynamics that are not prevalent in the development of a normal love story and because of this their chemistry and positive and negative tension is heightened intensely throughout the book.

For reasons out of their control we watch Cole, Lexi and gang return back to the Hole, with the hope of finally putting its deranged leaders and followers to an end. With the intention to reignite the resistance and set the sinners in the Hole free, we witness each person put themselves through gruelling suffering and heartache, in order to contribute to the desired outcome of freedom.

With surprises around every corner we follow these amazingly dedicated people into a world of danger, horror and the unknown. And sadly we once again witness deceit, suffering and great loss due to their return to the Hole. The question that readers will be asking is, are they going to make it out of their alive?

Once again Ketner and Kalicicki will leave you on the edge of your seat, impatiently awaiting the next instalment. Your heart will be beating outside your chest as your mind is taken on the most gut-wrenching and fear filled adventures literature has to offer.

“Lexi Hamilton, Lust. In love with Cole Veneti, a former guard. Falsely accused but it no longer matters to me who they think I am. Brands don’t define who we are, you have the power to decide that on your own. I might be damaged but I’m not broken. Believe me, you can overcome anything short of death.”

“Cole Veneti, unbranded but I’ll be damned if I don’t deserve to be branded with every one of the seven sins. Former guard turned resistance member with Zeus, the best dog you’ve ever met. Lexi Hamilton rescued me from the hellish life I was living. I’m sorry for the past but I hope to redeem myself this time around. If we manage to band together and stop hating each other, then we can beat the system. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.”

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