By: Helena Hunting

I have read all of Hunting’s other books and like those, Pucked did not disappoint. In fact, if anything Pucked exceeded all expectations with Hunting’s ability to successfully write about true love and heartache, whilst having an epic amount of comedy run throughout the whole book. Hunting managed to effortlessly insert laughter into her book without it taking any substance away from the significance of this love story. Through an impressive amount of one liners, an amazing use of the character’s inner monologues and a fascinating storyline…

Hunting has a winner!

“This ridiculousness right here is why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The book centres on Alex Waters and Violet Hall and chapters alternate from both their points of view. Alex is famous ice hockey player and Violet is a junior accountant for sports stars, which  also means Violet has been unwillingly absorbed into a life filled with hockey since her stepfather and stepbrother came into her life.

After watching her stepbrother play for his new team for the first time, Violet crosses paths with Alex and from the moment they meet there is an instant connection. Alex and Violet engage in an amazing round of hilariously awkward, yet refreshing banter, that becomes foreplay for the beginning of their intense love affair.

Gracelessly skirting around each other and their sexual attraction for one another, Violet tries to become accustomed to the fact that Alex’s past reputation is less than stellar and Alex is doing everything in his power to show Violet that his reputation is nothing but a misguided perception set by the media.

“If Violet finds out about my reputation – assuming she hasn’t already – she may very well never want to speak to me again, no matter how many orgasms I fucked out of her last night”

As Alex continues to show Violet how interested he is in her, Violet, slowly but surely lets her guard down and together they begin to enjoy the natural progression of a relationship together. It is in this part of the book where Hunting’s writing abilities shine. Her ability to create these characters, with their effervescent personalities, intensifies the chemistry and compatibility between Alex and Violet.

Unfortunately for Alex and Violet, the downfalls of being in the media and a high profile sports star, takes its toll on their relationship. It brings to surface many insecurities, betrayal and heartache. We witness both Alex and Violet’s spiral into heartbreak and sadness and with extreme impatience, we wait and see if Violet and Alex will eventually be able to put the past behind them and enjoy a life filled with love and laughter; together.

“I know an apology is just words if it isn’t followed up by actions. I just want a chance to show you that I love you. There’s a huge void in my life, and you’re the only person who can fill it.”

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