Until July


By: Aurora Rose Reynolds

If you have followed the Until series you will remember July Mayson as the oldest daughter of November and Asher Mayson. If you haven’t read them don’t worry it doesn’t affect this book at all – Until July is a spinoff and the first book in the Until Her series.

This story follows the steamy and intense love story of July Mayson and Wes Silver. These two fiery and headstrong people find love in the most ordinary of places and manage to turn it into something adoring and extraordinary.

July Mayson is a twenty-six year old vet, who lives on her own and loves to ride her sports bike. Wes Silver is ex-Marine, and a founding member of a motorcycle club; The Broken Eagles. A chance meeting has July meeting the ‘hot biker dude’ that she swears can see ‘directly into my soul.’ Even though their spontaneous rendezvous doesn’t go too well, July knows…

‘If I ever see him again, I’m screwed.’

Like all of Aurora Rose’s main men Wes is dominant, possessive and sexy as hell. He makes a whole lot of misguided decisions when trying to pursue July but he refuses to let her walk away.

“So your biker dude just ruined my calendar,” Kayan Grumbles, and I peek over the

counter to see what she’s talking about, and everyday at noon, it says ‘Lunch with


Wes and July’s ‘relationship’ is passionate and fast. Before they know it their first kiss is solidifying the significance of their feelings for one another.

 ‘It’s not my first kiss, but it’s the kiss – the one that makes my soul light up, the kiss

you wait for your whole life for, the kiss that changes everything you thought you


“Ruined.” “I don’t even really know you and you’ve ruined me.”

As their love bubble continues to grow with happiness, pleasure, future plans and a complete sense of contentment, the outside world digs its claws into their lives. And soon enough Wes and July are fighting battles that jeopardise their happiness and safety. Will they both come out unharmed? Does love conquer?

This heart-warming love story has you wishing for nothing but the best for these two people who are perfect for one another.

 “Do you think you deserve my girl?”

“No, there’s probably someone out there who can give her more than I can, but I

would kill that guy before I gave him the chance to prove me right. I love her with

everything in me. Since the moment I met her, I’ve felt a pull to her unlike anything I

have ever felt before. I don’t deserve her, but no one will ever love her like I do or will.”

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