Beautiful Secret


By: Christina Lauren

Beautiful Secret, just like the rest of the beautiful series makes you want to breathe Niall Stella to life and keep him in your back pocket for safe keeping. Once again Christina Lauren have created a character that will stay with you always.

This book focuses on Niall Stella – the brother of Max Stella from Beautiful Stranger, and Ruby Miller an intern from California living in London. Ruby is a young, bubbly and energetic woman who has been pining over Stella for months. Niall on the other hand is quiet, reserved, recently divorced and has not really taken much notice of Ruby.

Work throws Niall and Ruby together on a month long business trip to New York and we get to witness two very different personalities interact. Niall Stella is a walking juxtaposition. His character somehow manages to exude alpha male but be so introverted and shy all at the same time. He is recently divorced; struggles with small talk and his only social, physical and emotional interactions have all been with his ex-wife.

“Ruby? Sorry about the…I’m not very good at…”

“I’m not very good at… women.”

Ruby is an extrovert, doesn’t think before she talks and often gets herself in embarrassing situations that never seem to happen to anybody else. Her parents are both psychologists so she has been taught to always be open and talk about how she feels. And with Niall that is exactly what she does. Letting Niall know she has been infatuated with him for months gives Niall the confidence to indulge in his feelings for Ruby, their honesty enhancing connection with one another.

“We’d figure it out together.”

“Would We?”

“I understand you. I think you understand me too. I’d tell you what I like, you’d tell me what you need.”

Niall and Ruby spend their business trip learning and exploring one another in all the ways that matter. Ruby’s outgoing nature reassures Niall to explore a side to himself that he has kept dormant for so long. Both enjoying themselves and basking in their new relationship, their exhilaration follows them as they leave New York and head back to London. But London has other plans…

An ex-wife, a jealous boss and a whole lot of emotional tension creates a rift between Niall and Ruby that eventually tears them apart. With both their hearts breaking we watch them both struggle with hurt and the prospect of life without each other.

Come to me.

When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you. Let me catch up in my time spent longing if

you need me to. Distance from you won’t extinguish what I feel.”

“Promise you’ll come to me when you’re ready. Even if it means you’re ready to tell

me it’s truly over.”

“I promise.”

By the end of this book my heart had raced, broken and mended. The evolution of each character always leaves you wanting more, wanting the love story to go on – always. Another emotionally charged success.

“Hi. I’m sure it’s really weird to find me here on your steps and I’m sorry for not

calling, but I wanted to see you.

I missed you. I love you.”


“Did you not hear me say that I love you every time I spoke into your skin just now?”

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