The Panty Whisperer

SLoane 2

By: Sloane Howell

The Panty Whisperer is a tease; a good tease. But nonetheless still a tease. It is short, compact and filled with an explosive story line. It shows off Sloane Howell’s talent as a fantastic author of erotic fiction. The only problem is that you are left wanting more.

The book is centred on the self-proclaimed “Panty Whisperer” Joel Hannover. He is a man with a mission. He believes that he is God’s gift to women and it is his duty to bring women out of their shell. And by bring them out of their shell, he means

“They need someone to open their mind and release their fantasies into the wild. Someone to spread their thighs and take them to places they never knew possible, where all of their darkest fantasies reside.”

“This is the environment where I thrive.”

Joel is an accounting software consultant; he spends his days implementing the program at accounting firms, this is how he meets Jessica. Jessica is unhappily married, has two children and is VERY interested in Joel. There is no room in this story line to worry about infidelity, feelings or emotions. This book is purely about two people and sex.

After two weeks of working together, Joel is sure that Jessica is ready for the moment that will change her life. And like this book their moment is short and anything but sweet. It is explosive, intense and everything Joel set out to accomplish. Like Joel predicted Jessica is in awe and is left wondering who this beast of a man is.

This book has more dirty talk, foreplay and exhibitionism than most full length novels. It is a burst of energy and leaves you interested in what else Sloane Howell has to offer. Will we ever get to see the tables turn on Joel Hannover?

Note to Readers: The Panty Whisperer is available for free on Amazon, however there is a Panty Whisperer Volume 1 – 5 that can be purchased and has 3 extra short stories revolving around Joel Hannover.

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