Fall With Me


By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Fall With Me is the fourth book in the Wait For You series. It follows Reese Anders and Roxy Ark, two people who have grown up in the same town, living next door to one another since the beginning of time. And since the beginning of time Roxy has had a serious crush on Reese.

“Like, I had drawn hearts with his name in the center, my earliest and lamest doodles, across my notebook and treasured every time he’d smiled at me or looked in my direction.”

Her serious crush meant that one night Roxy let herself be swept into the arms of Reese; a drunken Reese…

Reese and Roxy’s paths cross daily, with Roxy working at the local bar and Reese a police officer of the local county, there seem to be an endless amount of opportunities for awkward conversation and a lingering unspoken stalemate between the two. However somebody from Roxy’s past returns as a painful reminder and Reese makes it his duty or rather uses it as an opportunity to put into action his plan to resolve the awkwardness between them since that drunken night.

“You’ve been avoiding me for months.”


“Eleven months” he said, voice deeper, Eleven months, two weeks and three days. That’s exactly how long you’ve been avoiding me.”

For Reese and Roxy there seems to be two very different versions of that night and the question is whose side is right? And will the truth stop them from finding their happily ever after. As Reese makes it his mission to woo Roxy and make her see that they are perfect for each other, Roxy is determined to protect her heart and treat it as a fleeting romance. However, the universe reminds them she has other plans. And for Roxy and Reese those plans are not pretty.

Whilst trying to work out their feelings for one another and the direction their relationship is taking. Roxy and Reese seem to be facing much more than the average couple. Lies, misunderstandings, tragedy, danger and trauma are only a few words that can describe the heart stopping drama in Fall With Me.

Roxy and Reese belong together but it seems the Gods want them to work for their happiness. This is a beautiful story that reminds you to have hope in the face of adversity.

“You want to try to do this?”


“I’m not going to try. I’m going to do this.”


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