By: M. Mabie


Two things:

1 – Read Bait first

2 – If you have not read Sail yet, read review at your own risk

For those of you who have waited with bated breath for this sequel; it was worth the wait. Sail had the reader going through just as many emotions as Bait. Continuing on from exactly where Bait left off we all (Blake, Casey and Readers) continue the journey to find their happily ever after.

Me: Happy 2010. Don’t say goodbye. We’re just in a fight. Remember?

Me: I won’t give up on us

Let’s start by acknowledging that Blake is FINALLY seeking out happiness, regardless of any previous doubts. The book dives head first into the steps Blake is taking and will take to finally be with Casey and Casey finally admitting to Blake how much he wants to be with her.

“I lie about how much you mean to me or how bad I miss you. I’m done pretending you’re not mine and I’m not yours. Because we are. We always have been. Our hearts just got there before the rest of us”

We witness Blake and Casey mature as individual people and as a couple. As Blake decides to leave her life with Grant behind, Casey is determined to show Blake that he can be the man she needs him to be and help her face the fears and insecurities of her past. As the chance of a future together looks like it is more than a possibility for Casey and Blake you need to remember this is a love story and love does not live without drama.

Their love story continues with many highs and lows and you will be constantly holding your breath hoping this is the moment they finally get their perfect ending. As Blake and Casey do everything in their power to begin their future together, it seems that they may have underestimated Grant; he isn’t ready to let go of his wife.

“She’s just confused. As soon as she realises what she’s giving up, she’ll come around. You’ll see.”

Will Blake let go of her past and Grant? Or will the love triangle continue? Will there be a reward? Or will the hard work have been for nothing? The ending will leave you speechless and in tears. Once again prepare for your heart to be dragging on the floor behind you from all the emotion that overflows in this book.

And with that we patiently wait for Anchor (Book 3) to see if Casey and Blake get the Happy Ever after they deserve.

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